Volume 26 - Issue 6 - June 2013

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Kick Foot Odor To The Curb With A New Antimicrobial Shoe Shield

Danielle Chicano, Editorial Associate | 2430 reads | 0 comments

Podiatrists looking for an efficient, natural way to combat and neutralize shoe odor may want to consider a new antimicrobial shoe shield.

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New Products June 2013

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Patients receiving negative pressure wound therapy for chronic and acute wounds can now do so with increased mobility, freedom and discretion.

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How We Can Adapt To The Inherent Challenges In Healthcare Reform

John H. McCord, DPM | 1372 reads | 0 comments

The Apollo 13 crew detected a problem, acknowledged their peril, adapted, changed and survived. We are traveling in the spaceship called medical care and we have a problem.