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  • June 2013 | Volume 26 - Issue 6
    Visoth Chan, DPM, David Pougatsch, DPM, and Ronald Belczyk, DPM
    11,429 reads | 0 comments | 05/29/13
    Pseudomonas and Proteus infections, exposed hardware and a nonunion of a tibial fracture."> Recognizing that ankle fractures in patients with diabetes can lead to potentially dire complications, these authors discuss keys to treatment that can reduce risks and improve outcomes. ... continue reading
    Garrett Wobst, DPM, and Christopher Reeves, DPM, FACFAS
    7,770 reads | 1 comments | 05/29/13
    These authors discuss keys to the diagnosis and treatment of a neglected calcaneal fracture in a 25-year-old patient who had suffered a traumatic fall when he was 18. ... continue reading

    2,583 reads | 0 comments | 05/24/13
    Patients receiving negative pressure wound therapy for chronic and acute wounds can now do so with increased mobility, freedom and discretion. ... continue reading
    Danielle Chicano, Editorial Associate
    3,681 reads | 0 comments | 05/24/13
    Podiatrists looking for an efficient, natural way to combat and neutralize shoe odor may want to consider a new antimicrobial shoe shield. ... continue reading
    Rem Jackson
    6,681 reads | 0 comments | 05/24/13
    What does social media have to do with practicing medicine? Nothing. You could ignore social media and the Internet, and still practice podiatry just as effectively as you always have. However, at some point in the future, you will be practicing podiatry less often and with fewer patients. I don’t make this point to be confrontational or arrogant. I make this point because it is a fact. It is important for you to know and understand why social media is important to you and your patients. ... continue reading
    Paul Langer, DPM
    12,576 reads | 0 comments | 05/24/13
    The art of doing a musculoskeletal exam on an athlete is really about utilizing simple tests in order to provide insights into the highly complex nature of human movement. There are many perspectives and philosophies on how to best examine the lower extremity. ... continue reading
    John H. McCord, DPM
    2,096 reads | 0 comments | 05/23/13
    The Apollo 13 crew detected a problem, acknowledged their peril, adapted, changed and survived. We are traveling in the spaceship called medical care and we have a problem. ... continue reading
    Amanda Wright, Special Projects Editor
    5,214 reads | 0 comments | 05/23/13
    While a variety of issues may contribute to a reluctance to refer patients for some physicians, ensuring appropriate and timely referrals can facilitate optimal patient care and go a long way toward preventing potential malpractice lawsuits. ... continue reading
    Scott Neville, DPM
    9,491 reads | 4 comments | 05/23/13
    With recently published guidelines and emerging medications, this author offers a closer look at key principles in diagnosing and treating chronic gout. ... continue reading
    Kerry Zang, DPM, FACFAS, Shahram Askari, DPM, Mia Horvath, DPM, and Janna Kroleski, DPM
    9,180 reads | 0 comments | 05/23/13
    Given the common malady of hammertoe deformities, these authors share their experience and pertinent pearls for proactive prevention of common complications with hammertoe surgery. ... continue reading