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  • April 2013 | Volume 26 - Issue 4
    Jane Pontious, DPM, FACFAS, and Irfan Ahsan, BS
    11,546 reads | 0 comments | 03/26/13
    These authors present the treatment of a non-adherent 53-year-old patient with diabetes who received treatment for previously undiagnosed Charcot following hallux varus surgery. ... continue reading
    David M. Davidson, DPM
    10,994 reads | 0 comments | 03/26/13
    In an interesting case study, this author discusses the diagnostic workup and multidisciplinary efforts to resolve a longstanding combination of a diabetic foot ulcer and tophaceous gout. ... continue reading
    Kevin A. Kirby, DPM
    3,991 reads | 0 comments | 03/26/13
    Things change with time. My favorite television show in grade school was The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The first car stereo I installed in high school had an eight-track tape player. My first computer purchase was an Apple IIe with dual floppy drives and no hard drive. ... continue reading

    3,394 reads | 0 comments | 03/26/13
    Are you looking for a new offloading device? ... continue reading
    David W. Jenkins, DPM, FAAPSM
    12,155 reads | 0 comments | 03/26/13
    One of the most rewarding aspects of my 34-year career in podiatric medicine has been my involvement in Special Olympics. Besides the joy of working and interacting with these amazing athletes, we are able to provide a valuable service via foot screening exams (Fit Feet) that have been instrumental in the prevention of lower extremity problems, and helpful in improving comfort and performance. ... continue reading
    Beth A. Kase, JD
    9,362 reads | 0 comments | 03/26/13
    Accountable care organizations (ACOs) may permit podiatric physicians to participate in shared savings via a Medicare program. This author details how podiatric practices can take advantage of ACO participation and provides insights on the specifics of the programs. ... continue reading
    John F. Grady, DPM, FASPS, Sarah Mahowald, DPM, and Donald Graves, DPM
    13,944 reads | 0 comments | 03/26/13
    Sharing insights from the literature and surgical experience, these authors suggest a re-evaluation and possible elevation of ankle arthroplasty over ankle arthrodesis as a preferred option for appropriate patients with end-stage ankle arthritis. ... continue reading
    Lisa M. Schoene, DPM, ATC, FACFAS
    15,054 reads | 0 comments | 03/26/13
    Dancers place high demands on the foot and ankle. Given these challenges and rigorous expectations for performance, treatment of injuries in this population can be intricate and challenging. Accordingly, this author discusses the differentiation of common dance injuries, relevant psychological issues and pertinent keys to treatment. ... continue reading
    Valerie Schade, DPM, AACFAS
    12,856 reads | 0 comments | 03/25/13
    Given the long-term challenges with conservative care and high recurrence risk associated with diabetic midfoot ulcers, this author examines the literature on surgical procedures including the exostectomy and realignment arthrodesis. ... continue reading
    Lawrence Fallat, DPM, FACFAS, and Ruby Chahal, DPM
    14,889 reads | 1 comments | 03/25/13
    Patients who smoke have a higher risk for nonunion, non-healing wounds and other complications. Offering insights from the literature and their experience, these authors discuss the impact of smoking on surgical outcomes, timing issues with smoking cessation and pertinent pearls for improving surgical results in patients who continue to smoke. ... continue reading