Volume 26 - Issue 3 - March 2013

Treatment Dilemmas »

When A Posterior Tibial Tendon Rupture Is Combined With A Spring Ligament Injury

Babak Baravarian, DPM, FACFAS, and Lindsay Mae Chandler, DPM | 10016 reads | 1 comments

The posterior tibial tendon is a frequently injured tendon in the foot and the rupture of this tendon has received increased attention in the literature since Key first described it in 1953.1 Failure of the posterior tibial tendon results in adult-acquired flatfoot deformity. The medial longitudinal arch’s mechanical integrity relies on the dynamic support of muscles, the static support of ligaments and joint capsules, and the behavior in which the tarsal bones interlock.2

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New Products March 2013

1414 reads | 0 comments

Scrub tops get a makeover to adhere to recent changes in surgical standards requiring many OR teams to wear long-sleeved jackets.

Technology In Practice »

Implant System Offers More Versatile Fixation

Danielle Chicano, Editorial Associate | 1804 reads | 0 comments

While there are various options available for the fixation of the lesser digits, one company offers a variety of reliable implant choices in one easy-to-use screw and anchor blade system.

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When The Doctor Is On The Other Side Of The Exam Table

Camille Ryans, DPM | 1087 reads | 0 comments

Just as in any other profession, podiatrists may become so overwhelmingly comfortable with their daily tasks that they do not evaluate how well they are actually performing them. It is not until you are confronted with having to exchange roles with the people to whom you provide services that you gain a true awareness and appreciation for the importance of performing your job well.