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  • September 2012 | Volume 25 - Issue 9
    Michael Moharan, DPM, Mohamed Abdelmegeed Ahmed, MD, DPM, and Oleg Karpenko, MD, DPM
    24,805 reads | 1 comments | 08/31/12
    These authors offer insights on the management of a 43-year-old patient with tinea pedis complicated by cellulitis and multiple chronic ulcers. ... continue reading
    David Levine, DPM, CPed
    5,238 reads | 0 comments | 08/30/12
    Discussing the case of a 78-year-old patient with diabetic neuropathy who presented with a swollen foot, this author notes how a disconnect between specialties made things worse, and how common sense conservative care can make a difference in this patient population. ... continue reading
    John H. McCord, DPM
    4,221 reads | 0 comments | 08/28/12
    The biggest challenges to the practice of podiatry change from time to time. For a long time, it was orthopods. They quieted down when we all faced the new challenges of governmental regulations and insurance companies. None of these issues was as difficult to me as the office dress code.    When I started practice in 1975, most of my staff wore white dresses from nursing uniform shops. I did not need an official dress code. I only asked that the dresses be modest with no plunging necklines. Everybody complied without complaint. ... continue reading
    Danielle Chicano, Editorial Associate
    2,981 reads | 0 comments | 08/28/12
    While there are a variety of fixation options for the lower extremity, one device reportedly provides a unique method for delivering superior compression and stable fixation. ... continue reading
    Clinical Editor: Kazu Suzuki, DPM, CWS
    16,437 reads | 0 comments | 08/28/12
    These knowledgeable panelists provide insights on using appropriate codes for wound debridement and skin substitutes to maximize reimbursement. They also address the correct use of modifiers and offer coding pearls for those entering practice. ... continue reading
    Lawrence Fallat, DPM, FACFAS, and Ruby Chahal, DPM
    39,631 reads | 0 comments | 08/28/12
    Fifth metatarsal fractures are the most common of all metatarsal fractures.1 Avulsion fractures, Jones fractures and proximal diaphyseal fractures occur most frequently, but diaphyseal, neck and head fractures also occur.2 Clinicians can treat most of these fractures conservatively if the fractures are not significantly displaced. ... continue reading
    Caroline E. Fife, MD
    11,735 reads | 0 comments | 08/28/12
    The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which the Supreme Court recently upheld, creates a new value-based payment modifier. Starting in 2015, this payment modifier will provide differential payments to doctors based on quality and cost of care. Since the payment adjustments are to be budget neutral, some physicians will receive bonuses and others penalties under this provision. It is likely that payment based on quality measures will soon represent a substantial portion of a physician’s income. ... continue reading

    3,842 reads | 0 comments | 08/28/12
    A new study in Diabetes Care notes that despite favorable results in long-term limb salvage for patients with diabetic foot ulcers, long-term survival rates remain unfavorable with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and renal insufficiency making for an especially poor prognosis. ... continue reading
    James McGuire, DPM, PT, CPed
    18,847 reads | 0 comments | 08/27/12
    Given the potential recurrence and complications with diabetic wounds, this author emphasizes the importance of adapting one’s offloading strategy as the wound progresses to healing. Accordingly, he discusses keys to assessing the biomechanical risks of patients with diabetic foot ulcers and offers insights from the literature on effective offloading modalities. ... continue reading
    Jenny Sanders, DPM
    26,101 reads | 0 comments | 08/27/12
    Given the popularity of soccer and the fact that most soccer injuries involve the lower extremity, this author offers pertinent treatment tips on ankle sprains and strains, pearls on proper shoe fit and keys to orthotic modifications. ... continue reading