Volume 25 - Issue 9 - September 2012

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When There Is A Disconnect Between Different Specialties

David Levine, DPM, CPed | 4593 reads | 0 comments

Discussing the case of a 78-year-old patient with diabetic neuropathy who presented with a swollen foot, this author notes how a disconnect between specialties made things worse, and how common sense conservative care can make a difference in this patient population.

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Treating Secondary Infection In A Patient With Severe Tinea Pedis

Michael Moharan, DPM, Mohamed Abdelmegeed Ahmed, MD, DPM, and Oleg Karpenko, MD, DPM | 17671 reads | 1 comments

These authors offer insights on the management of a 43-year-old patient with tinea pedis complicated by cellulitis and multiple chronic ulcers.

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Preventing Falls In The Elderly: Where DPMs Can Have An Impact

Douglas H. Richie, DPM, FACFAS | 17614 reads | 0 comments

Given the frequency of falls among senior citizens, this author offers a thorough review of the literature and provides pertinent insights on key podiatric risk factors for falls, testing tips to assess fall risk and interventions that may be beneficial in this patient population.

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A Closer Look At Minimalist Running Shoes

Paul Langer, DPM | 21092 reads | 0 comments

Given the increased popularity of minimalist running shoes, this author discusses their structural features and separates the marketing from the literature in examining the impact of reduced cushioning, reduced shoe mass and the “zero drop” phenomenon.

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Emerging Concepts With Post-Lapidus Bunionectomy Weightbearing

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS | 40232 reads | 0 comments

Given the increasing literature support for early weightbearing after the Lapidus procedure, this author discusses the evolution of plate fixation to facilitate early weightbearing and reviews key factors in appropriate patient selection.

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A Guide To Treating Common Soccer Injuries

Jenny Sanders, DPM | 14044 reads | 0 comments

Given the popularity of soccer and the fact that most soccer injuries involve the lower extremity, this author offers pertinent treatment tips on ankle sprains and strains, pearls on proper shoe fit and keys to orthotic modifications.

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