Volume 25 - Issue 8 - August 2012

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Addressing Perceptions Of Age And How They Affect Our Interactions With Patients

Kevin A. Kirby, DPM | 1421 reads | 0 comments

The question of what age a person should be considered “young” and “old” has fascinated me throughout my 27 years of podiatric practice. I have always had a diverse range of ages in my practice, treating children as young as a few months to adults in their 90s. During my personal interactions with my patients, the topic of age seems to come up frequently. This has made me realize that our perception of age affects how we think about ourselves, how we consider our patients and how our patients consider us.

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Can Great Toe Pedicle Flaps Have An Impact For Complicated DFUs?

Karen Shum, DPM, Ronald Belczyk, DPM, Lee C. Rogers, DPM, George Andros, MD, and Larissa Lee, MD | 7872 reads | 0 comments

Diabetic ulcers, particularly those located in the forefoot region, pose an interesting challenge for the foot surgeon. When these ulcers occur in the neuropathic patient with adequate circulation, the pedicle flap of the great toe can serve as a useful tool for ulcer management.