Volume 25 - Issue 8 - August 2012

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Point-Counterpoint: Acute Achilles Tendon Repair: Is The Mini-Open Approach Better Than An Open Approach?

Wenjay Sung, DPM, and Keith D. Cook, DPM, FACFAS | 17285 reads | 0 comments

Yes. Wenjay Sung, DPM, says the majority of the current research shows that incorporation of the mini-open repair may provide a more viable option than traditional open repair with reduced complications.

No. Keith D. Cook, DPM, FACFAS, says percutaneous repair has well documented complications and open repair allows for more certainty and reinforcement of tendon repair.

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How To Appeal Denied Claims

Anthony Poggio, DPM | 5967 reads | 0 comments

Even if the monetary totals at stake are small, denied insurance claims can add up and negatively impact your practice. This author provides pearls for ensuring your denied claims receive payment, offering insights on dealing with insurance companies and the importance of thorough documentation.

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August 2012

3494 reads | 1 comments

Podiatric physicians in New York State may soon be licensed to treat the ankle due to a proposed change in the scope of practice.

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Treating A Non-Pruritic Rash That Occurred After Antibiotic Use

William Fishco, DPM, FACFAS | 10525 reads | 0 comments

A 32-year-old male presented to my office with the chief complaint of heel pain. His symptoms were consistent with plantar fasciitis and a strong element of post-static dyskinesia. He had a secondary complaint of a recent rash that developed on his legs after he made the appointment for heel pain. The patient was concerned because the rash became worse over the prior week and there was pain when he touched the affected area.

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Keys To Prescribing Orthoses For Limb Asymmetry And Heel Pain

Guest Clinical Editor: Joseph D'Amico, DPM | 8240 reads | 0 comments

Given the common presentation of limb asymmetry, these panelists describe how leg length discrepancy affects orthotic prescription. They also offer insights on effective orthotic management of patients with heel pain.

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New Products August 2012

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New Solution For Fusion Fixation

A new fusion device may enhance arthrodesis fixation in lower extremity surgery.