Volume 25 - Issue 6 - June 2012

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June 2012

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By the year 2030, the rate of obesity in the United States will increase by an estimated 33 percent while the prevalence of severe obesity will rise by 130 percent, according to a recent study.

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Can Traditional Herbal Medicine Help Heal Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers?

Alexander M. Reyzelman, DPM, and Irina Bazarov, MS | 16598 reads | 0 comments

Despite the multitude of wound healing products and technologies that have come out in recent years, the treatment of chronic diabetic ulcers still remains a challenge. An evolving scientific understanding of wound physiology has led to the introduction of new wound care products targeting specific wound healing abnormalities.

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When A Patient Presents With Longitudinal Nail Pigmentation

M. Joel Morse, DPM | 83214 reads | 0 comments

Longitudinal pigmentation of the nail is a common presenting problem in general podiatry. However, it is not something the patient always brings to your attention. You need to look for it.

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Key Insights On Orthotic Casting And Function

Guest Clinical Editor: Denise Freeman, DPM | 11054 reads | 1 comments

Our expert panelists discuss the pre-casting workup for orthotics, the advantages of plaster casting and the importance of checking range of motion. They also offer pointers on what you should look for before sending casts to the lab and troubleshooting when patients say their orthotics are not working correctly.

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Keys To Treating Stress Fractures In The Endurance Athlete

John Mozena, DPM | 15144 reads | 1 comments

Stress fractures represent 4 to 16 percent of running injuries.1 Fractures occur in 8 percent of the males and 13 percent of the females.1 The cause of stress fractures is repetitive and sub-maximal loading of the bone. The bone eventually fatigues and a stress fracture occurs. Prolonged stress can lead to a complete fracture. A regular fracture differs from a stress fracture in that no acute trauma has taken place.

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Stepping Away From Podiatry And Regaining Perspective

John H. McCord, DPM | 1558 reads | 0 comments

I just got home from attending the Washington State Podiatric Medical Association annual meeting and seminar. The meeting was held at a posh resort in the North Cascades Mountains. The rooms were too pricey for me so I stayed in my trailer in an RV park on the Yakima River at $25 per night. I was also able to bring my dog as long as I bagged his byproducts.