Volume 25 - Issue 5 - May 2012

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When Lower Extremity Pain Derails An Exercise Plan In A Patient With Diabetes

Christopher Hendrix, DPM | 4451 reads | 0 comments

The author details the treatment of an obese 48-year-old patient with diabetes whose weight loss and exercise program stalled due to pain and discomfort in her right foot, arch and heel.

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Removing Failed Hammertoe Implants Following Nonunion

Desiree M. Scholl, DPM, Cynthia R. Cernak, DPM, and Alex R. Scholl, DPM | 11230 reads | 0 comments

These authors offer insights on removing failed hammertoe implants from a 53-year-old-female who presented with a chief complaint of continued pain and swelling localized to her right and left fourth toes.

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A Closer Look At The State Of Podiatric Residency Training

Alan Catanzariti, DPM, FACFAS, and Robert Mendicino, DPM, FACFAS | 9525 reads | 0 comments

Although podiatry residents have opportunities for significant advancement of their skills, they also face daunting challenges that may not be receiving adequate attention in residency programs. Drawing upon their experience, these authors suggest a number of areas for improvement in residency programs, including research opportunities, business education and coaching on leadership skills.

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Barefoot Versus Shod Running: Which Is Best?

Kevin A. Kirby, DPM | 30942 reads | 14 comments

As barefoot running gains popularity and the market sees the development of more minimalist shoes, podiatric physicians and athletes have debated barefoot running versus shod running, which is faster and which leads to less chance of injury. Accordingly, this author takes a closer look at the evidence with a focus on biomechanics and physiology.

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Emerging Insights On Surgical Correction Of Laterally Deviated Toes

Thomas S. Roukis, DPM, PhD, FACFAS | 14174 reads | 0 comments

Given the myriad of possible etiologies for deviated second or third toes, it is valuable to have a range of treatment options. This author offers a closer look at surgical management and current concepts with the Weil distal oblique metatarsal osteotomy, the extensor digitorum brevis tendon transfer and soft tissue balancing of the lesser metatarsophalangeal joint.

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Current Concepts In Surgical Offloading Of The Diabetic Foot

Nicholas Todd, DPM, Meagan Jennings, DPM, FACFAS, and Shannon Rush, DPM, FACFAS | 13582 reads | 0 comments

When conservative offloading options have failed and patients with diabetes are at risk of limb loss, one might consider surgical offloading for diabetic foot ulcers. These authors offer their experience with operative techniques for offloading ulcers in areas such as the midfoot, first ray and lesser metatarsals.

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