Volume 25 - Issue 3 - March 2012

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Assessing Potential Causes Of Lateral Column Pain

Bob Baravarian, DPM, FACFAS, and Sydney K. Yau, DPM | 7866 reads | 0 comments

Lateral column pain is a fairly common occurrence after an injury such as a sprained ankle or twisting injury to the foot. Accordingly, let us consider a case study of a healthy 34-year-old female, who twisted her foot on a sidewalk curb while wearing heels. She did not feel much pain at that time but the next day, her foot became very swollen and she presented to the emergency room for treatment. X-rays of the foot and ankle were negative at the emergency room. The physicians in the ER put the patient in a splint, gave her crutches and asked her to follow up with her doctor.

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New Products March 2012

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A New Option For Treating Onychomycosis

Patients with onychomycosis may find an easy to use treatment kit beneficial for their condition.

   PediPirox-4 Nail Kit contains treatments for the comprehensive management of mild to moderate onychomycosis in immunocompetent patients without lunula involvement, according to the manufacturer Pedinol Pharmacal.

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Learning How To Become An Effective Educator

Camille Ryans, DPM | 2175 reads | 0 comments

While attending a highly renowned podiatric surgical skills conference recently, I had the opportunity to experience numerous hours of “hands-on” learning. Although performing various surgical procedures on fresh cadaver limbs was very educational, another pivotal concept came to my attention from a veteran podiatric physician with whom I had the pleasure of being his lab partner.