Volume 25 - Issue 2 - February 2012

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Does Patient Age Influence First Ray Procedure Selection?

Thanh Dinh, DPM, and Patricia Kim, DPM | 7045 reads | 0 comments

These authors offer a closer look at hallux abducto valgus and the impact of age on treatment decisions in adolescents and elderly patients.

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Performing A Tibio-Talo Calcaneal Fusion After Two Post-ORIF Nonunions

Bradly W. Bussewitz, DPM | 6414 reads | 0 comments

This author discusses using a tibio-talo calcaneal fusion with an intramedullary rod in a distal tibia-fibula fracture in a patient who had sustained two nonunions following open reduction internal fixation.

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Current And Emerging Insights On Hammertoe Correction

Christopher F. Hyer, DPM, FACFAS, and Ryan T. Scott, DPM | 39366 reads | 4 comments

Given the risks and patient concerns associated with K-wire fixation, these authors discuss the use of emerging hammertoe implants, absorbable pins and cannulated screws, and share a couple of illuminating case studies.

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A Guide To Compression Dressings For Venous Ulcers

Nancy Slone-Rivera, MS, ANP-C, CWON, CFCN, and Stephanie C. Wu, DPM, MSc | 22337 reads | 1 comments

Given the relatively common incidence of venous insufficiency and the high likelihood of recurrence with venous leg ulcers, these authors offer a thorough review of the literature and share their insights on compression modalities ranging from inelastic (short stretch) bandages to intermittent pneumatic compression therapy.

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Alternatives In Fixation For Osteoporotic Bone

Davi Cross, DPM, and Lawrence A. DiDomenico, DPM, FACFAS | 10840 reads | 0 comments

Given the decreased bone mineral density and poorer bone healing potential in people with osteoporosis, achieving adequate fixation can be challenging for osteotomies or arthrodesis procedures in this patient population. Accordingly, these authors review the literature and assess a range of fixation options including traditional plate fixation, cannulated screws and locking compression plates.

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Recognizing And Treating Lower Extremity Gout

Nicholas Romansky, DPM, FACFAS | 25855 reads | 0 comments

Given the increased prevalence of gout and how gout affects the lower extremity, the author discusses current concepts in diagnosis and treatment, and provides an
illuminating case study.

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