Volume 24 - Issue 4 - April 2011

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Current Concepts In Orthotic Prescriptions

Guest Clinical Editor: Paul Scherer, DPM | 8726 reads | 1 comments

Prefabricated orthoses can play a valuable role in the podiatric practice. Accordingly, our expert panelists offer insights on the key characteristics of these devices and how they utilize prefabs in the treatment of patients. The panelists also discuss the use of orthotics to prevent and treat common soccer-related injuries.

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April 2011

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Investigating plantar fibromas as an etiology for recalcitrant heel pain, the authors of a recently published study suggest that 25 percent of recalcitrant heel pain is neoplastic in origin. The study authors also maintain that patients presenting with proximal plantar fibromas require excision and not fasciotomy.