Volume 24 - Issue 3 - March 2011

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Raising Questions About Article On Navicular Stress Fractures

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I am writing in regard to the feature article “Diagnosing and Treating Navicular Stress Fractures” (see page 52 in the November 2010 issue or see http://www.podiatrytoday.com/what-you-should-know-about-navicular-stress... ).

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A Guide To Disarticulation ‘Guillotine’ Amputation Techniques

Michael Donnenwerth, DPM, Sara Borkosky, DPM, and Thomas S. Roukis DPM, PhD, FACFAS | 20234 reads | 0 comments

When it comes to life-threatening infections in the lower extremity, a disarticulation or “guillotine” amputation may be a consideration. Accordingly, these authors review the literature to discuss indications, potential merits and step-by-step pearls to help facilitate optimal outcomes.

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Secrets To Billing For Diabetic Shoes

Marty Chalfin, CPed | 25576 reads | 0 comments

Given the escalating prevalence of people with diabetes, chances are you will be seeing more and more patients in need of diabetic footwear. With this in mind, this author reviews recent changes in the Therapeutic Shoe Program for Diabetes and discusses how to navigate the paperwork trail to help ensure timely dispensing of shoes and appropriate reimbursement.

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March 2011

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The number of Americans with diabetes continues to escalate. Approximately 25.8 million people have diabetes, about 8.3 percent of the United States population, according to new estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is an increase of 2.2 million people since the last CDC estimates released in 2007. The new total includes 7 million people who are unaware that they have the disease.

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Limb Salvage And The Charcot Foot: What The Evidence Shows

Guy Pupp, DPM, FACFAS, and Robert Koivunen, DPM | 17335 reads | 0 comments

Treating Charcot foot deformities can be quite challenging. Accordingly, these authors discuss the etiology and diagnostic keys with this condition, weigh in on various surgical options, and share emerging perspectives on fixation and the potential of orthobiologics in facilitating limb salvage.

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Pertinent Insights On Plastic Surgery And The Diabetic Foot

Zacharia Facaros, DPM, Crystal L. Ramanujam, DPM, John J. Stapleton, DPM, FACFAS, and Thomas Zgonis, DPM, FACFAS | 19785 reads | 0 comments

Given the challenges of healing complicated wounds in patients with diabetes, these authors discuss the use of plastic surgery techniques ranging from split-thickness skin grafts and local random flaps to muscle flaps and pedicle flaps.