Volume 16 - Issue 4 - April 2003

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How To Hire An Associate

By Robert Smith, Contributing Editor | 7854 reads | 0 comments

Hiring an associate can be a time-consuming, involved process—if it is done properly. As with any major professional decision, you must take great care and consideration in order to make the right move at the right time with the right person. Making a rushed or uninformed decision can result in excess costs and wasted time, not to mention the potential damage done to relationships with patients.
Do you really need an associate? There are a number of key considerations in determining whether to bring an associate on board.
• Do you need more time off? Bringing an associate on board

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Current Concepts In External Fixation

By Thomas Zgonis, DPM, Gary P. Jolly, DPM and Peter Blume, DPM | 17728 reads | 0 comments

While external fixation will not replace internal fixation in the surgical toolbox, it does offer a number of specific advantages. Using external fixation has become routine for initial reduction and stabilization of comminuted long bone fractures, and is often used in conjunction with a few judiciously placed lag screws. In the presence of compromised soft tissue, external fixation becomes essential.
Unlike internal fixation, which becomes a fixed, static construct once you apply it, external fixation can be quite dynamic in certain forms. It is common during postoperative periods to adjust

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Unlocking The Door To A National Scope Of Practice

By Jeff Hall, Editor-in-Chief | 4434 reads | 0 comments

Is it time for a national scope of practice in podiatry? Individual state laws prevail for now, but disparities between them raise eyebrows, not to mention the legal challenges. Are politics getting in the way of DPMs being able to provide complete podiatric care for patients or is the lack of universal training a far greater obstacle?
Let’s get to the wish list first. Some advocate broad parameters of what constitutes lower extremity care for a national scope of practice. One podiatrist says it should be the widest currently defined state law that encompasses care in the lower extremity

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Raising Expectations By Reforming Residency Programs

By John H. McCord, DPM | 2758 reads | 0 comments

I was pleased to learn the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) has declared a moratorium on one-year podiatric residency training programs that will take effect in 2008. Twelve months is simply not enough time to prepare young DPMs for the complexity and demands of our profession. I should know. I was a “12-month wonder.”
The residency training in podiatry has come 180 degrees since I graduated from podiatry school in 1974. At that time, the top students competed for the few good training programs. In 2003, it’s the opposite. Good residency programs are competing for the top s

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A Guide To Effective Forefoot Salvage Procedures

By Eric M. Feit, DPM, and Mary M. Peters, DPM | 11664 reads | 0 comments

It is believed that 15 percent of diabetics will develop a foot or leg ulceration at some point during the course of their disease and that 50 percent will recur within 18 months.1 Approximately 80 percent of diabetic ulcers occur plantarly due to abnormal pressures. Most of these ulcers can be treated with sharp debridement, offloading devices and local wound care.2-4 Once you’ve achieved ulcer healing, utilizing custom orthotics with extra depth shoes will often prevent recurrence and reduce the needed frequency of pre-ulcerative keratoma debridements.

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Same Strength, Smaller Package

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Your debriding arsenal just became a little fuller with the introduction of two new sizes of popular debriding ointments.
New from Healthpoint, Panafil and Accuzyme are now available in 6-gram unit packages. According to the company, the smaller packaging of these ointments provides patients with convenience and is a safe, easy option for first time applications.
Healthpoint notes the unit dose will reduce potential waste and is appropriate for situations requiring less therapy.
Company: Healthpoint
Product: Accuzyme and Panafil Unit Dose
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