Volume 23 - Issue 10 - October 2010

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Should We Give Away Our Expertise For Free?

Megan Lawton, DPM | 2279 reads | 0 comments

We have all seen that look before. It is the look of excitement that people get when you first meet them and you are introduced as a podiatrist. The eyes widen, the mouth opens and the shoe starts slipping off.

   I enjoy seeing this look at the office since it is very fulfilling. There are times, however, that I do not enjoy it as much. For example, I do not enjoy being out for dinner at a nice restaurant and someone putting a foot on the table and asking me to “take a quick look.“ (Yes, this has actually happened to me.)

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Exam Chair Offers Better Accessibility For Patients

Podiatry Today Staff | 3484 reads | 0 comments

Ideally, a podiatric exam chair would provide comfort and accessibility for a variety of patients, and facilitate easy maneuverability, flexibility and maintenance for podiatrists.

   The Midmark 647 Barrier-Free Podiatry Procedures Chair (Midmark) reportedly succeeds on all of these counts.

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Key Insights On Integrating EHR Into Your Practice

Bruce Werber, DPM, FACFAS | 7346 reads | 0 comments

The challenges of integrating a new practice management system and electronic health records (EHR) system into your practice can be tremendous, especially with a busy practice. However, these upgrades can increase efficiency and potentially reduce the need for additional staff members, thereby improving your bottom line.

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Key Insights On In-Office Shoe Modifications For Athletes

Jenny L. Sanders, DPM | 10168 reads | 0 comments

Podiatrists routinely fit patients for diabetic shoes but what about shoes for feet with less severe pathology? What about the patient who is a runner and has a bunion? What do you do when an orthotic causes squeaking in your patient’s shoes and using powder to stop the squeak does not work?

   As podiatrists, we can teach our patients easy and fast shoe modifications that can mean the difference between comfort and pain, and solidify your reputation as an expert on all things feet, including shoes.

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What Is The Future Of Collaborative Medicine?

David Edward Marcinko, MBA, CMP, and Professor Hope Rachel Hetico, RN, MHA, CPQH, CMP | 9610 reads | 0 comments

With an increasing amount of medical information on the Internet, patients are becoming more used to participating in their own healthcare. These authors examine how the evolution of Internet technology has changed the way patients interact with their healthcare providers and how podiatry practices can take advantage of the Web.

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Current Concepts In Treating Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Robert J. Duggan, DPM, FACFAS | 21902 reads | 0 comments

Given the intricacies of the condition and varying etiologies, chronic exertional compartment syndrome can have a complex presentation. Accordingly, this author reviews the staging of the condition, keys to diagnosis and emerging insights on surgical treatment.

Chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS), also termed exercise induced compartment syndrome, has been a condition affecting both lower and upper extremities in patients who participate in exertional-type exercise.

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