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  • September 2010 | Volume 23 - Issue 9
    Valerie L. Schade, DPM, AACFAS, and Thomas S. Roukis, DPM, PhD, FACFAS
    17,187 reads | 0 comments | 08/19/10
    Whether there are issues with durable coverage, infection or a comorbidity such as rheumatoid arthritis, complex wounds may require a combination of modalities. Accordingly, these authors emphasize the importance of optimal medical management and discuss the roles of hydrosurgical debridement, polymethylmethacrylate antibiotic-loaded cement beads, plastic surgery techniques and external fixation to help facilitate wound closure. ... continue reading
    John H. McCord, DPM
    4,542 reads | 1 comments | 08/19/10
    I have never cared much about my identity as a professional. It did not matter to me if the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services considered me to be a physician as long as my patients thought I was a good doctor.    I looked forward to retirement so I could get my first name back. That part has not gone smoothly. More people address me with the “D” word than when I was in practice.    I was attending mass a few weeks ago and when I went up to communion, the Eucharistic minister said, “Doctor, the body of Christ.” ... continue reading

    4,967 reads | 0 comments | 08/19/10
    Rebound From Injury A new short leg walker can accomodate differences in lower extremity anatomy and help patients avoid re-injury.    The Rebound™ Air Walker is a short leg walker with a full circumferential shell and toe bumper, which can protect patients from re-injury, according to the manufacturer Ossur. It adds that the walker features an integrated air pump that provides easy inflation/deflation and consistent compression. The device also has front placement straps that permit easy application, according to the company. ... continue reading
    Podiatry Today Staff
    4,804 reads | 0 comments | 08/19/10
    Whether one is repairing a hammertoe deformity or seeking a better fixation option for a hallux interphalangeal joint fusion, podiatric surgeons may want to consider an implant that offers a two-piece locking design, a larger diameter and a viable alternative to K-wire fixation. ... continue reading
    Bob Baravarian, DPM
    60,623 reads | 0 comments | 08/19/10
    Posterior insertional Achilles pain and retrocalcaneal exostosis pain are commonly grouped together as one common problem referred to as posterior insertional Achilles pain. However, these are two different problems with common approaches to treatment. Accordingly, let us take a closer look at retrocalcaneal pain and Achilles insertional pain, explain the different issues with each and their proper treatment options. ... continue reading
    Alan Catanzariti, DPM, FACFAS
    8,105 reads | 0 comments | 08/19/10
    Malpractice lawsuits can be time-consuming, financially draining and can affect your confidence in your abilities to deliver care for your patients. Accordingly, this author reviews common factors that lead to lawsuits, how to address potential complications, identifying potential red flags and the importance of good patient rapport. ... continue reading
    Allen Jacobs, DPM, FACFAS
    21,364 reads | 0 comments | 08/19/10
    Reportedly 64 percent of infections that occur in patients with RA occur in the foot and ankle. In order to minimize the risks of infection and other potential complications with podiatric surgery in this patient population, this author reviews the literature and offers insights on whether medications for RA should be withdrawn, continued or modified during the perioperative period. ... continue reading
    Stephen L. Barrett, DPM, Joseph M. Vella, and A. Lee Dellon, MD
    19,070 reads | 0 comments | 08/19/10
    As with other types of extremity surgery, podiatric surgery is very specialized and very diverse in the different types of procedures performed routinely by surgical specialists. Procedures can range from simple or complex osseous surgery to delicate peripheral nerve surgery — all of which require some type of hemostasis to be performed optimally. ... continue reading

    16,462 reads | 0 comments | 08/19/10
    Lower extremity compression can be very effective for reducing edema. These expert panelists discuss the use of compression hose and how compression pumps can be an alternative for patients who cannot wear the hosiery. They also discuss appropriate consults to lymphedema and vascular therapists. Q: Do you prescribe compression hose for patients with edema? ... continue reading
    Valerie L. Schade, DPM, AACFAS
    8,365 reads | 0 comments | 08/19/10
    In addition to optimal medical management, thorough preoperative preparation is the fundamental key to success in the surgical management of high-risk patients, such as those with diabetes. I have witnessed avoidable complications that have occurred due to a lack of attention in areas that may be mistakenly perceived as inconsequential.    During my fellowship, I learned several fundamental keys to success that minimize potential complications, increase patient satisfaction and foster the surgeon-patient relationship. ... continue reading