Volume 23 - Issue 8 - August 2010

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August 2010

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Online Poll: Not Enough Emphasis On Biomechanics In Podiatric Education

By Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor

The emphasis on biomechanics in podiatric education has been the subject of debate recently due to potential changes in the CPME 320 residency requirements. In a recent Podiatry Today online poll, 65 percent of poll respondents said there is not enough focus on biomechanics in podiatric education.

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Making Room For Nerve Decompression In The Diabetic Limb Salvage Armamentarium

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I read with interest the recent article on diabetic limb salvage (“How To Form A Diabetic Limb Salvage Team” in the June 2010 issue). Over the last 14 years, I have been significantly involved with wound care and limb salvage in the diabetic patient population. In 1998, I was asked to join the staff of a multidisciplinary wound center associated with two local hospitals as a podiatric surgeon and wound specialist.

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Silver In Wound Care: What You Should Know

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There has been a resurgence of silver dressings in wound care in recent years due to the antimicrobial activity of silver, its safety and a lack of resistance. Accordingly, this author discusses silver dressing selection, shares insights on nanocrystalline silver and assesses the current literature on silver in wound care.