Volume 16 - Issue 2 - February 2003

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How The Premier Mini C-Arm Provides A Clearer Picture

By Brian McCurdy, Associate Editor | 3929 reads | 0 comments

If you need a clearer picture when taking X-rays in your practice, you may want to consider adding the Premier Mini C-Arm to your diagnostic armamentarium. The device’s compact design, easy application and enhanced resolution reportedly make it useful for a variety of applications.
The iso-centered C-arm is well balanced and rotates 360 degrees. Fluoroscan, the manufacturer of the device, notes the Mini C-Arm’s easy navigation allows for easy viewing of 15-inch (38-cm) swiveling high intensity monitors from any angle.

The Premier device features a 45-micron focal spot X-ray tube. Not

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Chronic Tendon Pain: Can The Ultrasound Have An Impact?

By Gina DiGironimo, Production Editor | 6812 reads | 0 comments

Should DPMs give more consideration to using ultrasounds when treating tough Achilles tendon cases? Ultrasonography may help provide a more accurate diagnosis, improved treatment and shorter recovery time for patients with chronic tendon problems, according to the authors of a new study, which was recently presented at the 88th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.
During the study, conducted at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, researchers performed an ultrasound on 400 patients, who had various tendon,

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What Boards And Organizations Are Doing For You

By Brian McCurdy, Associate Editor | 6742 reads | 0 comments

APMA. ACFAS. ABPOPPM. A glance at the acronyms of the various podiatric organizations can fill you with visions of alphabet soup. For those just starting out in podiatry or those who are trying to cut back on how many organization fees they’re paying each year, choosing from among these organizations can be very daunting. The question has to be asked: What are the goals of these boards and organizations and what will they do for you?
The types of organizations run the gamut from state societies and educational organizations to practice management groups. To join some groups, you’ll no dou

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Negotiating The Maze Of Insurance Contracts

By Michael Metzger, DPM, MBA | 5867 reads | 0 comments

I can remember the days of the first managed care organization (MCO) contracts. Typical comments ranged from “Where do I sign and did I sign up before Dr. Smith down the street?” to “Who has time to read these things? I get my UCR fees anyway.” I have tried to target many of the most common items I overlooked in the past. Granted, in some cases, you will not be able to negotiate some items but you should still know what you are getting yourself into.
Before you even get into the finer details of a particular contract, you need to keep in mind that the contract was developed and writt