Volume 23 - Issue 4 - April 2010

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What You Should Know About Appealing Medicare Claims

David Mullens, DPM, Esq. | 10965 reads | 0 comments

Medicare overpayments and underpayments can cause unique headaches and lost revenues for DPMs. This author provides a comprehensive guide to what you should know about appealing claims to maximize your reimbursement and avoid unnecessary legal entanglements.

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Is Barefoot Running A Growing Trend Or A Passing Fad?

Kevin A. Kirby, DPM | 6320 reads | 4 comments

   Barefoot running has gained in popularity ever since last year’s publication of the book Born to Run. This book details the story of the Mexico-based Tarahumara Indians, who, for centuries, have regularly run barefoot at distances sometimes greater than a marathon.

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New Products April 2010

3190 reads | 0 comments

Customized Locking Plates For Surgeons

   New locking plates may help surgeons match internal fixation to the patient’s bone type.

   The new VLP™ Foot Variable-Angle Locked Plating System has several plate designs as well as a range of screw types to provide a more individualized approach for patients with all bone types, according to the manufacturer Smith & Nephew.

   The company notes that the plating system offers flexibility with locking screws that allow placement 15 degrees off the center axis in any direction.

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How To Set Up A Cosmetic Care Room In Your Practice

Janet McCormick, MS | 12094 reads | 1 comments

   The first question podiatrists ask after they decide to add cosmetic services to their practice is “How do I set up a room?” Some believe it will be quite an undertaking. Others think it will be a breeze and can be done in one day. Either may be true, according to their vision of the concept, but they should know that these rooms are different than traditional podiatry treatment rooms. They should also know the overall setup and appearance contributes to the success of the cosmetic services part of their practice.

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Key Insights On Returning Athletes To Sport After Injury

Charles F. Peebles, DPM | 12438 reads | 0 comments

   Athletes are passionate about pushing their bodies to the highest level. The difficulty occurs when this athletic passion runs directly into a fracture, tendon rupture or other potential need for surgery (elective or not). The athlete’s mindset is to keep going and keep pushing forward while our desire is to put on the brakes and give the body the rest it needs to heal.

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Inside Insights On Common Orthotic Dilemmas

Ronald Valmassy, DPM | 9925 reads | 0 comments

   When treating patients with orthotic therapy, podiatric physicians may face various dilemmas on when to prescribe devices or how to treat patients who have used over-the-counter devices to no avail. These expert panelists discuss the use of orthoses after bunion surgery, “retail” orthoses and the treatment of pediatric patients among other issues.

Q: When would you prescribe functional foot orthoses following bunion surgery?

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