Volume 23 - Issue 2 - February 2010

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Key Pearls On Coding For Bunionectomies

Anthony Poggio, DPM | 69896 reads | 3 comments

Given the common nature of bunionectomies, this author offers pertinent insights on coding for bunionectomies that involve the first metatarsal as well as coding for combination procedures.

   Bunion surgery can be difficult to code as there are many variations to each procedure. The key to billing the bunionectomy is to focus on the inherent procedure as opposed to one’s personal preference in regard to variations to the procedures, the use of specific fixation devices/material or even additional services.

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Keeping An Open Mind On Alternative Therapies

Megan Lawton, DPM | 4210 reads | 0 comments

   How many times has a patient come into the office and said, “What about this thing I heard of on the Internet? Would that work?” Whether it is an ingrown toenail or a severely collapsed foot or ankle, a simple search on the Internet shows thousands of pages of alternative therapies.

   Do any of them work?

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New Products February 2010

2633 reads | 0 comments

Accommodations Made Easy

   A new workstation may provide more comfort and accessibility for physicians when treating patients.

   Care Exchange™ Workstations can easily accommodate electronic medical records, digital diagnostics and electronic prescriptions, all in the procedure room. The manufacturer, Midmark Corporation, says physicians can have everything completed before the patient even leaves the office.

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Identifying And Treating Stress Fractures And Lateral Ankle Sprains In Athletes

Ron Raducanu, DPM, FACFAS | 40236 reads | 0 comments

   As our population gets more and more active, it stands to reason that they will suffer from more and more sports-related injuries.

   In the adult population, we see this with the “weekend warrior” types, who have not been conditioned regularly to participate in strenuous activity. Alternately, we may see adult patients who take on an exercise regimen without seeking the proper guidance on how to progress in intensity.

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Essential Insights On Electronic Medical Records

Bruce Werber, DPM, FACFAS | 11394 reads | 0 comments

As healthcare moves further into the digital realm, having a competent electronic medical records (EMR) system becomes a necessity and not just a high-tech toy. This author discusses key attributes to look for in an EMR system, how these systems can streamline the practice and how to decide upon a particular system.

Orthotics Q&A »

Inside Insights On Orthotic Modifications

20123 reads | 0 comments

   These expert panelists share their most commonly used orthotic modifications as well as insights on using highly inverted orthoses and the lateral Kirby skive.

Q: What are the most common orthotic modifications that you prescribe and why?

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