Volume 22 - Issue 10 - October 2009

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A Closer Look At Orthobiologics For Tendon Repair

Michael Troiano, DPM, and Harold Schoenhaus, DPM, FACFAS | 15436 reads | 0 comments

The use of orthobiologics may facilitate enhanced tendon repair and minimize or eliminate common complications. Accordingly, these authors provide a step-by-step guide to the use of two orthobiologics and how they contribute to optimal outcomes.

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Social Networking: Can It Help Or Hinder Your Practice?

Megan Lawton, DPM | 4335 reads | 0 comments

   Staying on the forefront of technology in the medical field is recommended, if not required. New machines, office software and file backups are usually deemed the most important aspects of technology. However, can technology also be the downfall of your office?

   Welcome to the potential dilemmas of getting involved with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, to name a few.

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New Products October 2009

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Nails With Polish And Protection

   In addition to cosmetic improvement, a new nail polish may provide protection for nails.

   Dr.’s Remedy® Enriched Nail Polish offers a line of nail polishes that may help reduce nail fungus with the natural ingredients in the polish, according to the manufacturer Dr.’s Remedy.

Sports Medicine »

Emphasizing The Importance Of Exercise In Improving Health

Matt Werd, DPM | 8694 reads | 0 comments

   What if there were one prescription that could prevent and help treat dozens of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity? Exercise is that prescription and physicians and healthcare providers need to prescribe it to patients who are not exercising regularly.

Dermatology Diagnosis »

When A Patient Presents With A Painful Red Toe

M. Joel Morse, DPM | 112847 reads | 0 comments

   As winter approaches, patients must be aware of the punishing effects of cold on the lower extremity. Given that patients with feet affected by the falling temperatures may present more commonly to podiatric offices, a correct diagnosis and treatment are vital.

Orthotics Q&A »

Pertinent Roundtable Pearls On Orthotic Management

10672 reads | 0 comments

   These expert panelists expound on the use of orthotic treatment for a range of issues including hyperpronation, overuse injuries and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. They also discuss treating pediatric patients with both flexible flatfoot and those with non-compensating equinus.

   Q: What are your insights into the orthotic treatment of pediatric flexible flatfoot following reconstructive surgery?

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