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  • August 2009 | Volume 22 - Issue 8

    5,234 reads | 0 comments | 07/29/09
    Antifungal Application Made Easy    A new bottle design may make dispensing antifungal cream easier and more cost-effective.    Merz Pharmaceuticals says the Naftin® Cream Pump offers easy dispensing of Naftin (naftifine HCI 1%) Cream and minimizes wasted cream, making the pump a more economical option. Naftin is indicated for the treatment of tinea pedis. ... continue reading
    Kevin A. Kirby, DPM
    4,180 reads | 0 comments | 07/28/09
       Joe Podd, a first-year podiatry student, was very happy to finally be starting his podiatric medical education. He had spent the last four years toiling at his undergraduate degree, being accepted into podiatry school and taking out his first student loans. ... continue reading
    Lauren Grant, Editorial Assistant
    6,473 reads | 0 comments | 07/28/09
       When it comes to rough, dry skin and callus buildup on the feet, a newly reinforced ointment may help provide needed relief.    Kerasal offers a moisturizing foot ointment that is clinically proven and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), according to the ointment’s manufacturer Alterna LLC. The company says the product is ideal for severely dry, rough feet and cracked heels. ... continue reading
    Robert Spalding, DPM
    30,634 reads | 2 comments | 07/28/09
       I believe the podiatry field is in a crisis. With the aging of the baby boomers, we have seen an explosion of patients with diabetes and non-invasive foot care into our offices. At the same time, co-pays are rising steadily while reimbursement decreases bit by bit, and insurance companies are refusing more claims. The results are higher workloads but lower income and profit in our practices. Unfortunately, this duality results in a rise in practice failures. What can we do to solve this dilemma? ... continue reading
    John F. Connors, DPM, and Ana J. Sanz, DPM
    14,962 reads | 0 comments | 07/28/09
       Many runners will consult a sports podiatrist for their lower extremity injuries. It is very important to have an understanding of lower extremity biomechanics and the mechanism behind running injuries. Surrounding yourself with other sports medicine specialists is very important in facilitating appropriate referrals and the best multidisciplinary care.    Accordingly, let us take a closer look at some of the more common hip injuries in the female athlete and how they may contribute to lower extremity issues. ... continue reading

    10,110 reads | 0 comments | 07/28/09
       In addition to discussing the most common problems they see with orthosis irritation and how they remedy these issues, the expert panelists weigh in on two recent studies and their potential impact.    Q: What is the most common orthosis irritation problem that you see in your practice and how do you solve it? ... continue reading
    Melissa L. Adams, DPM
    21,958 reads | 0 comments | 07/28/09
       Reportedly 23.6 million individuals in the United States (or 8 percent of the American population) are affected by diabetes.1 Many of those with diabetes will develop related comorbidities such as microvascular pathology in the retina, renal glomeruli and peripheral nerves. Other comorbidities include accelerated atherosclerotic microvascular disease affecting arteries that supply the heart, brain and lower extremities.2,3 ... continue reading

    5,240 reads | 0 comments | 07/28/09
    Online Poll Examines Vascular Workup For Patients With Diabetes By Lauren Grant, Editorial Assistant    Slightly more than one-third of podiatrists surveyed in a recent online poll said they refer 10 to 20 percent of their patients with diabetes for further vascular workup. ... continue reading
    Lynn Homisak, PRT
    6,353 reads | 0 comments | 07/28/09
    Managing staff members can add to the challenges that already exist in a busy podiatric practice. This author draws upon her experience to help resolve common issues such as conflicts over staff responsibilities and salary issues.    Managing staff can be challenging. There is no doubt about it. Well, there are various reasons why it can be challenging but there are a couple of common factors when it comes to staff issues. ... continue reading
    Neal Blitz, DPM and Lawrence DiDomenico, DPM
    28,795 reads | 0 comments | 07/28/09
    Yes. Neal Blitz, DPM says the lateral release is a common component of bunion surgery as it aids in bunion correction and assists with reduction of the intermetatarsal angle when surgeons combine this procedure with structural realignment of the first metatarsal. ... continue reading