Volume 21 - Issue 12 - December 2008

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Can Nerve Fiber Density Testing Facilitate Earlier Treatment Of Diabetic Neuropathy?

By Allen Mark Jacobs, DPM, FACFAS, FAPWCA­­ | 18520 reads | 0 comments

   Intraepidermal nerve fiber density testing is gaining enthusiastic acceptance for the diagnosis as well as the staging of diabetic neuropathy. Studies have demonstrated reduced intraepidermal nerve fiber density in patients with diabetes type 1 and type 2.1 One major advantage of intraepidermal nerve fiber density testing is the ability to detect the presence of evolving peripheral neuropathy in the presence of normal neurophysiologic studies. 2

   Electrodiagnostic studies are reflective of large fiber disease, which is frequently pre

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A New Direction For ‘The Forum’ And Greatest Hits From Dr. McCord

By Jeff Hall, Executive Editor | 26666 reads | 0 comments

    When I first started working on Podiatry Today about eight and a half years ago, I found myself trying to find and recruit a variety of podiatrists to be regular columnists for the magazine. John McCord, DPM, was the first columnist to come on board.

   Dr. McCord had an idea for a regular op-ed column that would largely draw upon his experiences in the podiatric profession. This turned into the “Forum,” which is certainly one of the most well read columns in the magazine.

   With the “Forum,” you may read a salient commentary on

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News and Trends

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Should You Treat Asymptomatic Pediatric Flatfoot?

By Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor

   When encountering a child with asymptomatic flatfoot, it is important to decide whether you should treat the condition or see if the flatfoot will improve on its own. A recent article in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (JAPMA) examines the effects of orthoses for this condition and provides a framework for treatment.

   After reviewing studies on the use of orthoses to treat pediatric flatfoot, the authors of the JAPMA article pres

Continuing Education »

How To Master The Ponseti Technique For Clubfoot

By Edwin Harris, DPM, FACFAS | 3841 reads | 0 comments

Please click here for the full Continuing Medical Education article:


Since surgery for clubfoot can be fraught with complications, podiatric physicians have had a renewed interest in the benefits of the Ponseti technique. Accordingly, this author offers a step-by-step guide to effective manipulation and offers key pearls for casting.

Feature »

How To Respond To A Medicare Audit

By Anthony Poggio, DPM | 12426 reads | 0 comments

While undergoing a Medicare audit can be a stressful situation, this author emphasizes cooperation and documentation, and outlines key factors that commonly trigger an audit of one’s practice.

     You have been notified that you are about to be audited by Medicare. Do not panic. Audits are simply the cost of doing business. Many entities may audit you during the lifetime of your practice. Your practice may be subject to audits from insurance companies, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and even the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

     When y

Feature »

How To Address Avascular Necrosis

By Stephen M. Schroeder, DPM, and G. Dock Dockery, DPM, FACFAS | 43203 reads | 0 comments

When surgeons perform distal first metatarsal osteotomies, avascular necrosis (AVN) is a relatively common complication. Accordingly, these authors emphasize having a strong understanding of the involved vascular anatomy, share intraoperative pearls for minimizing the risk and offer treatment insights when AVN does occur.

     Although it is a relatively rare problem, avascular necrosis (AVN) of the first metatarsal head is a condition that we should be aware of and understand. This condition started getting attention when surgeons offered the first descriptions of dis