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  • October 2007 | Volume 20 - Issue 10
    By Tod Storm, DPM
    12,775 reads | 0 comments | 10/27/07
    Continuing Education Course #157: October 2007 I am pleased to introduce the latest article, “A Guide To Current Concepts In Skin Grafting,” in our CE series. This series, brought to you by the North American Center for Continuing Medical Education (NACCME), consists of complimentary CE activities that qualify for one continuing education contact hour (.1 CEU). Readers will not be required to pay a processing fee for this course. Podiatrists commonly use skin grafts to help close difficult wounds in the lower extremity. Accordingly, Tod Storm, DPM, offers key insights on ful ... continue reading
    By John H. McCord, DPM
    1,961 reads | 0 comments | 10/27/07
    My favorite writing project is to produce a “return to work” document for a patient who has recovered from a serious foot or ankle problem. I had that pleasure last week on behalf of a 53-year-old gentleman whom I first met six months ago during a hospital consult. His primary physician requested a consult regarding a diabetic ulcer with cellulitus involving the fourth and fifth toes of the left foot. The primary doc also let me know that he was beginning his vacation that day so I could manage the patient until he was ready for discharge. It all seemed like a convenient “dump” to m ... continue reading

    4,750 reads | 0 comments | 10/27/07
    The Healing Power Of The Ocean Two new wound healing products harness the power of the ocean. The all-natural Ocean Aid Spray and Ocean Aid Moisturizing Foam can heal wounds without antiseptics or disinfectants, according to the manufacturer Ocean Aid, Inc. The company says the product line uses lysozyme, a natural antibacterial enzyme, along with coral reef sea salt in a sterile solution. The company says Ocean Aid Spray uses an isotonic, purified sea salt solution while Ocean Aid Moisturizing Foam offers an antiinflammatory formula for soothing pain after phenol procedure ... continue reading
    By Josh White, DPM, CPed
    10,259 reads | 0 comments | 10/27/07
    For professional athletes and weekend warriors alike, having the right shoe and the correct fit can mean the difference between participating and sitting on the sidelines. Since most podiatrists now fit shoes in their offices, it is imperative that they develop a true expertise in this critical aspect of foot care, particularly with respect to the special needs of athletes. Providing proper shoe fit and selection for active individuals holds great potential for both injury prevention and for practice expansion. When podiatrists themselves fit patients with athletic shoes, it fills a void in ... continue reading
    Guest Clinical Editor: Edwin Harris, DPM
    13,575 reads | 0 comments | 10/27/07
    Given that toe walking and other gait disturbances are common among children, these expert panelists take a closer look at these conditions, offer keys to the diagnostic assessment and share their insights on appropriate treatment modalities and physical therapy regimens. Q: What is your treatment plan for children with diplegia and hemiplegia? ... continue reading
    By G.“Dock” Dockery, DPM, FACFAS
    16,087 reads | 0 comments | 10/27/07
    A 37-year-old Caucasian male presents with a chief complaint of a nodular growth on the left calf. He first noticed the bump about two months ago but says he did not think too much about it until recently. At that time, he noticed it was causing mild discomfort when he touched it but the growth was only slightly pruritic. The lesion did not appear to be infected and it did not drain or bleed at any time. He says he checked the rest of his body for any similar looking lesions and found none. Otherwise, he has no other complaints or concerns. The patient has not changed his diet or eating hab ... continue reading
    By Gerard Guerin, DPM, CWS
    14,029 reads | 0 comments | 10/27/07
    Podiatrists commonly encounter and treat skin and skin-structure infections (SSSIs), ranging from cellulitis to more complicated surgical site infections and infected diabetic foot ulcers. Aerobic gram-positive cocci, such as Staphylococcus aureus and streptococci, are the most common causative agents of skin infections.1 While the treatment of simple and superficial infections is relatively straightforward with brief courses of oral antibiotics, many skin infections of the foot are complicated by diabetes.1,2 Foot ulceration, usually secondary to peripheral neuropathy or peripheral vascul ... continue reading
    By Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor
    3,707 reads | 0 comments | 10/27/07
    Do Trauma Patients With Diabetes Face Higher Complication Rates? Patients with diabetes face a higher risk of complications in a number of areas. A large study recently published in the Archives of Surgery notes that those with diabetes also face more complications from trauma surgery. From 1984 to 2002, researchers examined 12,489 patients with diabetes, matching their ages, sex and injury severity with 12,489 non-diabetic patients from 27 Pennsylvania trauma centers. The study concluded that patients with diabetes spent more time in the intensive care unit and received venti ... continue reading
    By David Edward Marcinko,MBA, CMP, and Hope Rachel Hetico, RN, MHA, CMP
    4,495 reads | 0 comments | 10/27/07
    Maximizing practice reimbursement is an ongoing challenge on a road full of significant obstacles. Accordingly, these authors suggest a new approach to improving internal processes that can simultaneously improve compliance and bolster incoming revenue. When one speaks of maximizing medical practice reimbursement, most physicians immediately think of the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) or coding-oriented consultants. However, bolstering reimbursement involves more than just using the newest Current Procedural Terminology® (CPT) codes, parsing old codes or even becoming a C ... continue reading
    By Patris A.Toney, DPM, MPH, and Vickie R. Driver, DPM, MS
    9,240 reads | 0 comments | 10/24/07
    Recent advances with growth factor therapy have created more possibilities for wound care. These authors review currently available modalities and emerging treatments, and survey the literature on the effectiveness of growth factor therapy for chronic wounds. The future of growth factor therapy in wound care is advancing rapidly. There is also increasing evidence in the literature to support the efficacy of growth factors in wounds, particularly chronic wounds, and how they can help facilitate desired healing outcomes. With advances in research over the past decades, physicians and r ... continue reading