In your opinion, can laser care be a viable option for treating onychomycosis?

37% (84 votes)
63% (144 votes)
Total votes: 228


I have not seen any data supporting the laser therapy treatment for onychomycosis. Until then, I will remain skeptical, especially when patients will be spending there hard earned money.

I can't beleive that in this day and age of evidence based practice that so many are touting this threatment before the main clinical studies are in.

Laser is not indicated for either onychomycosis that has not spread proximal to the epiniychium or infection that has spread and is in the root/matrix area. For infection that is distal to the epinychium, complete debridement of all infected nail and bed followed by prescribing topicals is effective. Although laser can be used for debridement instead of a nail burr, the cost has to be much higher, just to pay for the equipment, than using a Dremel drill and burr. Therefore, it is not indicated for distal mycotic infections. And, if the infection extends proximal to the epinychium, the laser cannot reach it, so it not indicated for this either. In other words, there is no rational indication for laser in treating mbBG3onychomycosis.

Like Lamisil I think we can expect a nearly100% eventual reoccurance with Laser treatment.
This is supported by the epidemiology.
The cost is twice what Lamisil used to be and the effectiveness is about the same. Lamisil is generic now and very cheap.
Liver problems have been overblown.

probably be a short lived treatment option like the silicone injection etc.

I believe it is a marketing gimic.

Is this new modality covered by insurance or medicare and at what price do people have to pay for this service?

it is being promoted by dpm's as having a 85% cure rate with absolutely no studies or scientific evidence. it is another example of the cart before the horse in podiatry. it is false advertising and deceitful to the public. if it is shown to be successful in the future, every dpm would have one and not a select few.

dr. jon haber

I feel the laser will be ineffective proportionately with the increased deformity of the nail plate.

I haven't read exactly how it works. Just the sales pitch that it is a one time treatment with permanent results. But does it hurt? How much does it cost? Are the surgery centers buying these like CO2 lasers? Or does a company bring it to your office?

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