Exam Chair Offers Better Accessibility For Patients

Podiatry Today Staff

Ideally, a podiatric exam chair would provide comfort and accessibility for a variety of patients, and facilitate easy maneuverability, flexibility and maintenance for podiatrists.

   The Midmark 647 Barrier-Free Podiatry Procedures Chair (Midmark) reportedly succeeds on all of these counts.

   Midmark notes that the 647 chair features a larger foot section with a functional, flexible design and integrated touch controls on both sides to allow easy access for DPMs. The 647 chair also has ergonomic release handles that are easy to reach, according to Midmark.

Accommodating Heavier Patients And Those With Disabilities

Ira Bernstein, DPM, says a key benefit of the 647 chair is its ability to accommodate a variety of patients.

    “When comparing the Midmark 647 Barrier-Free chair to the other chairs we have used, it is much more accommodating to patients of all shapes and sizes, and those with physical impairments,” maintains Dr. Bernstein, who has used two 647 chairs for a little over a year. “The chair is much lower to the ground, which increases the ease of sitting for elderly patients and those in wheelchairs.”

   Dr. Bernstein, a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, adds that the wider seat of the 647 chair is beneficial for accommodating heavier patients. Midmark notes that the 647 chair has a weight capacity of 450 pounds. A wide 28-inch seat and back section width offer increased comfort and support for patients, according to Midmark. The company adds that redesigned chair arms on the 647 chair allow podiatrists to move them out of the way in order to have unrestricted access to patients.

   Eric Polansky, DPM, has also found the 647 chair to compare favorably to other chairs he has used in the past.

    “We have found them to be extremely easy for our short and disabled patients to get in and out of,” notes Dr. Polansky.

Enhanced Patient Comfort

While Dr. Polansky practices at four office locations in Ohio, he notes that he has 10 Midmark chairs at his Huber Heights, Ohio-based practice and only one of these chairs is a Midmark 647 chair. However, patients have specifically requested the treatment room with the Midmark 647 chair, according to Dr. Polansky.

    “We have noticed that some patients will ask to be seated in the room with the Midmark 647 chair due to its ease of entry,” says Dr. Polansky, a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. “Its ability to lower very close to the floor is a distinct advantage, allowing patients to easily sit comfortably.”

   If he leaves the patient in the room with the 647 chair for more than 15 minutes, the chair is apparently so comfortable that Dr. Polansky often has to wake up the patient.

Final Notes

Dr. Bernstein says the 647 chair is also “extremely easy to clean.” He says the lack of nooks and crevices eliminates the collection of debris, and the removable tray makes it easy to dispose of medical waste and disinfect. Dr. Polansky adds that the new fabric on the 647 chair also does not appear to absorb ink from errant pocket pens.

    “I currently own 23 Midmark chairs and tables. The 647 chair is by far my favorite,” claims Dr. Polansky.

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