Essential Principles In Treating Diabetic Forefoot Ulcers

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Key Signs That May Lead To Forefoot Ulcers

Dry skin, interdigital fissuring and forefoot plantar hyperkeratosis are all signs and symptoms that may predispose patients to forefoot ulcerations. A diabetic lower extremity examination may seem routine but documenting and addressing these seemingly small changes may deter the devastating effects of peripheral neuropathy. Moisture balance therapy, accommodative shoe gear and routine diabetic foot care remain important factors in the preventative care of the diabetic population.

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Jason R. Hanft, DPM, FACFAS, Daniel Hall, DPM, and Mikkel Jarman, DPM

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   Editor’s note: For further reading, see “Tendon Lengthening: Is It A Viable Option For Forefoot Ulcers?” in the July 2005 issue of Podiatry Today. To access the archives, visit

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