Emerging Advances In Treating Great Toe Arthritis

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Babak Baravarian, DPM, FACFAS

In Conclusion

Make sure to consider the patient, the level of arthritis, activity type and shoe styles as a whole prior to selecting the type of procedure. Pick procedures that you are comfortable doing but make sure you have a wide array to offer. Think long term and offer patients who may prefer short-term motion that option as long as they realize they may require further surgery in the future. New materials offer a wider array of options and resurfacing potentials.

   I believe that with proper selection, patient satisfaction with their treatment options related to hallux limitus/rigidus is very high and outcomes are reliable and reproducible by the physician.

   Dr. Baravarian is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine. He is the Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery at the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and Orthopedic Hospital, and is the Director of the University Foot and Ankle Institute in Los Angeles.

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