December 2012

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   Furthermore, the uniportal approach is less likely to create neurovascular complications in comparison to a two-portal approach, notes Dr. Schroeder, the Chief of Podiatric Surgery at Peace Health Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, Wash. His EGR system provides better visualization and comes with a retractable blade, which he says is more accurate and leads to fewer complications. He notes the system in his study also protects the neurovascular structures and provides clear visualization of the aponeurosis before transection.

   The uniportal EGR does have a learning curve and Dr. Schroeder notes that improper portal placement and poor visualization can be potential problems with some systems.

   “I think these patients will do excellent” in the long term, says Dr. Schroeder. “The gastrocnemius recession has been well studied and is proven to be very efficacious in the treatment of gastrocnemius equinus. This safe EGR technique is a simple adjunct to the gastrocnemius recession, which allows the surgeon to perform the procedure more efficiently and with better cosmetic results for their patient.”

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