A Closer Look At An Emerging Supplement For Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Danielle Chicano, Contributing Editor

While there are many options available for patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, podiatrists may want to consider a new dietary supplement that offers ingredients that are vital to optimal nerve health.

   NeuRx-TF is a safe, inexpensive product that contains four key ingredients that play a critical role in optimizing nerve health, according to the manufacturer Bako Integrated Physician Solutions. The formulation of the tablets includes alpha-lipoic acid (350 mg), benfotiamine (300 mg), vitamin B6 (35 mg) and vitamin B12 (2 mg).

   According to the company, NeuRx-TF is ideal for nerve function support as its four combined ingredients offer the patient powerful antioxidants and metabolism enhancers that help protect nerve cells from the oxidative damage that can result from age and environmental stress.

   Cindy Sink-Jedloe, DPM, notes that she has been using NeuRx-TF for approximately one year and finds it very “comparable to its competitors.”

   Bako notes that in addition to promoting nerve heath, NeuRx-TF may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The company recommends the tablets for patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and podiatrists have found it beneficial in this patient population.

   “ … (NeuRx-TF) really does work with the majority of patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy,” explains Dr. Sink-Jedloe, who is in private practice in Orland Park, Ill.

   Prior to using NeuRx-TF, Edward H. Fischman, DPM, FACFAS, says he had been unable to find a successful treatment for diabetic peripheral neuropathy and had simply “resorted to physical therapy devices for relief with little success.”

   According to Dr. Fischman, after learning about the use of epidermal nerve fiber testing and NeuRx-TF, he began incorporating the dietary supplement into his treatment armamentarium.

   “We have found it to be extremely successful in treating (peripheral) neuropathy. It has also proven to be an excellent source of referral since patients report the success to their primary care physicians and family members,” says Dr. Fischman, a Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

   Dr. Fischman explains that NeuRx-TF has become a standard treatment in his office in Jupiter, Fla. Additionally, Dr. Sink-Jedloe notes that she often uses NeuRx-TF in combination with other medications to promote health in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

   “It is part of my regular treatment protocol for (diabetic peripheral neuropathy) along with hyperglycemic control,” adds Dr. Sink-Jedloe. “I will use the product in combination with some of the topical compounding products and the anti-seizure medications if needed, such as Neurontin (Pfizer) or Lyrica (Pfizer).”

   Other than a direct allergy to the product, Dr. Sink-Jedloe has not noted any contraindications with NeuRx-TF. Dr. Fischman concurs that the side effects are minimal.

   “The best part is that (NeuRx-TF) has very little side effects as it is not a drug but a supplement, and this fact is important to the acceptance by the primary care physician,” adds Dr. Fischman.

   Ms. Chicano is a freelance writer who lives in Philadelphia.

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