Can A Topical Remedy Have An Impact For Nail Fungus?

Podiatry Today Staff

Are you looking for a topical alternative to oral medications for nail fungus? Perhaps you are looking for a topical antifungal that could be used as an adjunct to oral medications or laser treatment for onychomycosis.

   Physicians may want to consider the Formula 3 antifungal as a viable topical remedy for toenail fungus. The product offers an oil-soluble tolnaftate formula, which is absorbed seconds after application, according to Tetra Corporation, the manufacturer of the product.

   Scott M. Aronson, DPM, says the combination of periodic debridement and daily use of Formula 3 facilitated “significant improvement” in a few months.

   “The oil-based formula penetrates easily into the nail bed, where the fungal infection begins, unlike other topicals that simply sit on top of the nail,” explains Dr. Aronson, who is in private practice in Stoughton, Mass.

   The Formula 3 antifungal reportedly facilitates patient adherence with twice-a-day application and no residue buildup, according to the company. Tetra Corporation also notes that the product is odorless.

Seeing Favorable Clinical Results

Various podiatrists have cited the results they have seen after using the product.
   Ira Kraus, DPM, has been using Formula 3 in his practice for six months. He reports “moderate success” with the product and says Formula 3 is a “great alternative” for patients who are either unwilling or medically unable to take oral medications. Dr. Kraus says Formula 3 may also have adjunctive benefit with other treatments for onychomycosis.

   “I have also been using Formula 3 in conjunction with my other treatment regimens (oral, laser) and it has helped to improve our outcomes,” notes Dr. Kraus, who is in private practice in Chattanooga, Tenn.

   Paul J. Civatte, DPM, says he has been impressed with the positive feedback he has received from patients about the product shortly after they started using it.

   “Never before have I had a patient return in one month’s time and tell me that the (patient’s) nail fungus is looking better,” notes Dr. Civatte, who is in private practice in Greenville, N.C. “Never before have so many patients returned to purchase additional bottles of Formula 3 because they are seeing improvement of their nail fungus.”

A Valuable Addition For In-Office Dispensing

Formula 3 is only available for distribution at physician offices, according to Tetra Corporation. The company also offers a money-back guarantee for patients who purchase the product and are not happy with the results.

   “In addition to the medical benefits, dispensing Formula 3 in our clinic has also been a good business decision,” notes Mitchell R. Waskin, DPM, FACFAS. “We have a foot products mini-store within our clinic. Of all the products we sell, Formula 3 consistently produces more profit each month than any other item.”

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