Can Coaching Help You Meet Your Professional Goals?

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Kevin McDonald, DPM

   Goals should be written in the present tense and you should review them frequently to embed them into your subconscious mind. Your coach will want to help you work on having a balanced life so goal exercises typically cover business, family, finance, health and personal areas.

   Action plans. Goals are more likely to be accomplished if you make detailed plans for achieving them. Your coach can help you flesh out your plans, set incremental mini-goals and brainstorm ideas when the going gets rough. Your coach may also set you up with a “Mastermind Group,” whereby people from a variety of backgrounds and occupations get together to help each other succeed.

   Accountability. New Year’s Resolutions would be much more likely to be carried out if everyone had a coach. Very often we know what we need to do but do not do it without a nudge or a push. My “accountability friend” is a financial consultant and golf store owner. Every quarter, we have a breakfast meeting and review our progress toward our individual goals. Sometimes a friendly wager is involved and I always leave the meetings feeling recharged.

Final Notes

Top professionals and executives from many walks of life use the aforementioned coaching techniques successfully. If you really put your mind to it, you could probably do all these things by yourself without using a coach. However, you should ask yourself, “Will I do them in this lifetime?” If you will do these things, will you do them as well and as fast as you would if you had a coach?

   If your life is proceeding exactly as you want it and if your career, family life, finances and health are all in fantastic shape, you do not need a coach. However, if you would like to change certain things about your career or your life, hiring a coach may be just what the doctor ordered.
Here is a final caveat. If you decide to pursue obtaining a coach, please take the time to carefully select a coach who is right for you.

   Dr. McDonald is in private practice in Kannapolis and Harrisburg, N.C. Readers can reach Dr. McDonald via


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