Can Botulinum Toxin Have An Effect For Hyperhidrosis?

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Pertinent Pointers On Ensuring The Correct Dosage

Here is a list of approximate relative potencies of different brands of botulinum toxin A:

1-unit Botox ≈
1-3 units Dysport ≈
50-100 units Myobloc

This is only a rough guide and it probably varies with the use (cosmetic, hyperhidrosis, medical). The median lethal dose (LD-50) estimate in humans is about 3,000 units of Botox. Typical cosmetic use is 30 to 100 Botox units. Typical hyperhidrosis use is 50 to 200 units. Medical uses can be considerably higher.
Aminoglycoside antibiotics may potentiate the effects of botulinum toxin so one should reduce the toxin dose. If using toxin in a patient with neuromuscular disease, reduce the dosage and be very conservative.
Do not use botulinum toxin in women who are pregnant, those who could
be pregnant or lactating women. When one accidentally or intentionally uses botulinum toxin in pregnant women,
complications are rare and may not be related to the BTX-A.29-31 (Intentional use at high doses may be for significant medical problems.)
If a birth defect should occur, even if the relationship between cause and effect is unlikely, process servers might appear at your door.

Suzanne M. Levine, RPT, DPM, and Everett M. Lautin, MD, FACR

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