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Understanding The Role Of Advanced Imaging Techniques In Diagnosing Infection

Michelle L. Butterworth DPM FACFAS
11/10/09 | 4209 reads | 0 comments
Unfortunately, many physicians rely on various imaging modalities to deliver a diagnosis of infection, particularly osteomyelitis. I have seen a multitude of imaging modalities worthlessly ordered and performed with the physician desperately trying to get a definitive diagnosis to no avail. Read More.

Keys To Identifying Patients At Risk For Charcot Foot

Molly Judge DPM FACFAS
11/4/09 | 3937 reads | 3 comments
It is well known that patients who present with the acute or chronic Charcot joint require a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort in both patient education and proactive management in an attempt to reduce the risk of limb loss. Read More.

Can Teams Trump Technology When It Comes To Optimal Care For High-Risk Patients?

David G. Armstrong DPM MD PhD
11/3/09 | 2438 reads | 0 comments
Can teams trump technology in the new healthcare debate? I ask this question because I continuously see many patients referred to the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) who have been relegated to amputation. This is not because they have not had access to technology. In fact, most have had extensive work done by well-intentioned clinicians. What frustrates me, and I know my SALSA partners agree as well, is the lack of access to a team. Read More.

Why A Website Is Essential For Your Practice

Patrick DeHeer DPM FACFAS
10/30/09 | 2379 reads | 2 comments
I recently saw a new patient in one of my offices and I asked him how he found out about my practice. His reply was very interesting. He found me on his insurance plan but also noted that I was the only one on the list that had a Website. He picked me from the list solely because of my practice website. Do you have a website? Do you think it is vital to your practice? How many new patients are you losing a month because you do not have a Website? How much money are you ultimately losing due to this? Read More.

Does Training Residents Cost Our Attendings Too Much?

Kathleen Satterfield DPM FACFAOM
10/28/09 | 2901 reads | 2 comments
Working with residents is a rewarding experience that most of us would not want to trade for anything. The idea of mentoring the next generation of podiatric physicians is fulfilling and generates lifelong friendships. Gary Jolly, DPM, FACFAS, is still my mentor and friend. I will always carry with me his reassuring words, “Kath, there is nothing that you could break that I cannot fix so go ahead and start the surgery. You have to learn and I am here to teach you.” Read More.

Automated Technology And Custom Foot Orthoses: What You Should Know

Doug Richie Jr. DPM FACFAS
10/26/09 | 3797 reads | 0 comments
Previously, I discussed the fact that several large podiatric labs commonly provide an orthotic fabricated over a prefabricated mold and sell this device to a doctor under the guise of a “custom foot orthoses.” Read More.

Key Tips and Pearls on Bunion Surgery

Lawrence Fallat DPM FACFAS
10/21/09 | 5798 reads | 0 comments
Although I do a lot of trauma and reconstructive surgery, I still consider bunion surgery to be very challenging and at times, difficult. While we can easily evaluate the X-ray and select an appropriate procedure, we must also consider the function and cosmetic appearance of the foot. Perception of the final result can vary greatly between patients. Of course the patients want the bunion removed, but many want the great toe to be straightened. Read More.

Are Ethics Getting Shortchanged In Student And Residency Training?

Allen Jacobs DPM FACFAS
10/20/09 | 2984 reads | 1 comments
Recently, there was discussion on Podiatry Management online regarding the professional conduct of students and residents. The discussion was centered on what was perceived to have been “unprofessional” conduct, and a discussion of the evaluation of so-called “non-cognitive behaviors” ensued. Read More.

Lateral Column Pain: Underscoring The Challenges In Diagnosis And Treatment

William Fishco DPM FACFAS
10/12/09 | 13475 reads | 0 comments
The majority of patient encounters to the podiatrist are secondary to pain in the foot and/or ankle. If we draw an imaginary line bisecting the lower leg and extending distally to the third toe, pain in the medial aspect of the foot and ankle is typically straightforward. Read More.