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Spreading The Word About The Value Of Podopediatrics

Russell Volpe DPM
5/12/10 | 3438 reads | 0 comments
As podiatrists, we tend to think of ourselves as generalists who treat all kinds of foot ailments. We also tend to think of ourselves as specialists who have dedicated and focused expertise in the diseases of the foot. Read More.

Why You Should Not Write Off The Opening Base Wedge Osteotomy

William Fishco DPM FACFAS
5/7/10 | 8385 reads | 2 comments
When it comes to bunion surgery, we all have our “favorite” technique. Not only do we have a comfort level with the technique, we feel we can use this technique or simple modifications thereof to fix most bunion deformities. In this blog, I want to remind you of an old procedure that has become revitalized recently. Read More.

Is Cheilectomy An Option For End-Stage Hallux Rigidus?

5/4/10 | 12014 reads | 1 comments
Foot surgeons are well aware of the various surgical procedures that address the various stages of degeneration of the big toe joint. As the severity of arthritis becomes more involved, so do the surgical interventions. Read More.

Are You Doing Your Part To Make Vision 2015 A Reality?

Kathleen Satterfield DPM FACFAOM
4/30/10 | 4035 reads | 0 comments
Did you meet the deadline for your Vision 2015 assignment? You had better check to make sure because you are on the line for getting this done. What? You thought this was an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) deal? Well, most of us did but at the APMA House of Delegates meeting, it became imminently clear that the APMA alone can not accomplish this paradigm shift. It will take everyone — from the executive director to the last student admitted to a podiatry college — to accomplish parity with our allopathic colleagues. Read More.

Can 'Chemovac' Dressings Be A Valuable Addition To Wound Care?

David G. Armstrong DPM MD PhD
4/27/10 | 3346 reads | 1 comments
Editor's note: This blog entry is co-authored by Nicholas Giovinco, BS. As one might imagine, the use of chemotherapeutic modalities is generally easy. Topical applications and traditional dressing modifications are, in many instances, technically unchanged from standard practice. Our experience with the application of “chemovac” dressings (combining chemotherapeutic dressings with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)). Read More.

Do Advances In Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Hold Up To Scientific Scrutiny?

Allen Jacobs DPM FACFAS
4/27/10 | 7796 reads | 7 comments
I am constantly amazed at the variety of treatment modalities that are effective for plantar fasciitis. In fact, I am amazed when a modality exists that is not effective for plantar fasciitis. Just think about all that you learn at conferences, see in exhibit halls and read in non-peer reviewed journals. You would have to be an idiot not to be able to cure plantar fasciitis. Read More.

Which Dermatological Vehicle Is Best For Your Patient?

Tracey Vlahovic DPM
4/22/10 | 4632 reads | 0 comments
Topical dermatological products allow direct treatment of a skin condition with fewer side effects than those associated with systemic agents. These products have a key component in addition to the active ingredient: the vehicle. The dermatological vehicle houses and supports the active ingredient. Read More.

Why Your Hospital Should Be Using A Pre-Op Checklist

Patrick DeHeer DPM FACFAS
4/22/10 | 4305 reads | 0 comments
I drive several hours each week to my various offices each week and use the time to listen to audio books. I just finished listening to an excellent book called The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, MD. The Checklist Manifesto discusses the use of checklists in several fields such as aviation, construction, financial, the restaurant business and others. Being a general surgeon, Dr. Gawande discusses the use of a checklist in medicine or I should say the lack of use of a checklist in medicine. Read More.

Key Insights On Managing Pediatric Fractures With Ex-Fix

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
4/19/10 | 2973 reads | 0 comments
In my blog last month, I began a discussion on the use of external fixation in podopediatric surgery (see www.podiatrytoday.com/blogged/can-external-fixation-have-an-impact-for-p... ). Probably the least complex use of external fixation in the pediatric population is for fracture management.   Read More.