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A Closer Look At Emerging ‘Gadgets’ That May Help Reduce Post-Op Pain And Edema

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
8/3/10 | 4170 reads | 3 comments
I love gadgets. Admittedly, with most of them, I can only achieve about 10 percent functionality after my struggling ascent up the learning curve after purchasing them. However, I do love to buy them. Gadgets are opiates for some. Read More.

Questioning The Evidence Behind The Use Of Silver Dressings

Warren S. Joseph DPM FIDSA
7/30/10 | 3744 reads | 1 comments
A few months ago, Robert Kirsner, MD, PhD, and Stephanie Wu, DPM, invited me to write a chapter on “Antimicrobial Therapy” in their upcoming Wound Healing Society Yearbook. The design of the chapter is a review of a recently published primary study and two or more secondary studies. Read More.

Thanks For Playing Orthopedics

Allen Jacobs DPM FACFAS
7/28/10 | 5015 reads | 4 comments
Increasingly, podiatric physicians are being employed by orthopedic surgery groups to provide varying levels of care for foot and ankle surgery. The degree of acceptance for podiatric physician care by such groups is somewhat variable. However, it would seem that overall the competency of podiatrists as physicians and surgeons has been increasingly accepted. Read More.

Does Stress During Walking Occur During Foot ‘Takeoff’ And ‘Landing’ Rather Than ‘Midflight’?

David G. Armstrong DPM MD PhD
7/27/10 | 2431 reads | 1 comments
At this year's American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) meeting in Seattle, Bijan Najafi, PhD, presented some very compelling data that may force us to rethink what we know about repetitive stress in walking. For many years, we have posited that plantar pressure x cycles of stress = ulcer. More recently, this has been refined to theoretically include shear stress along with normal stress. This begs the question: where does damage occur? Read More.

Weighing The Positives And Negatives Of EMR

Patrick DeHeer DPM FACFAS
7/23/10 | 4784 reads | 2 comments
Love them or hate them, electronic medical records (EMR) have become an integral component of today’s medical practice. Have you brought them into your practice? What do you think of them if you have? If you have not, why and what are you waiting for? I have been using EMRs of various types for at least the past six years. Prior to incorporating them into my practice, I used dictation for my charting. There was definitely a learning curve with each system I have used but I have gotten very comfortable with using them in my practice. Read More.

Emphasizing The Value Of Redundancy In Podiatric Surgery

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
7/22/10 | 2328 reads | 1 comments
Redundancy is great in almost every discipline and profession. Perhaps the only time it is probably not good is in the domestic arena. For example, you may be engrossed by the important playoff game on your large flat panel HD screen and your spouse keeps reminding/asking you to do something that you really do not want to do — in fact you can’t — because you are hypnotized. Read More.

Understanding Body Planes: Why It Is Critical In Understanding Patient Pathology And Symptomatic Compensation

Russell Volpe DPM
7/19/10 | 4465 reads | 1 comments
I learned early in my training from my teachers and mentors that understanding body planes in lower extremity biomechanics is a key to getting good results. The influences on the foot from the superstructure in the transverse, frontal and sagittal planes are instrumental in causing compensation in the foot, often leading to symptoms. We often focus on foot pathology in isolation and, in doing so, fail to recognize the major contribution of superstructural influences on foot position and function. Read More.

To Radiograph Or Not To Radiograph A Bunion Deformity: What The Intraoperative Findings Reveal

Molly Judge DPM FACFAS
7/16/10 | 6995 reads | 0 comments
In the discussion of whether or not you really need to use X-rays in bunion surgery, there seem to be more posted comments in my camp (see see http://www.podiatrytoday.com/blogged/emphasizing-the-importance-of-radio... and http://www.podiatrytoday.com/blogged/can-you-select-a-bunion-procedure-b...). I have always considered the radiographic evaluation an important component of both the preparation for and execution of bunion surgery. Read More.

Why The APMA, ACFAS And ASPS Are All Worth Your Time

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
7/16/10 | 3084 reads | 4 comments
I would like to take a break from the ex-fix series this month to discuss something that has recently happened in our state and how it relates to the June 2010 cover story “What Does The Future Hold For Podiatric Surgeons?” (see http://www.podiatrytoday.com/what-does-the-future-hold-for-podiatric-sur...). I would like to preface all this by saying that my opinions are my own. I am not pointing fingers but I hope this stimulates some healthy discussion. Read More.