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Looking Beyond The Patient’s Chief Complaint

Russell Volpe DPM
11/11/10 | 3362 reads | 0 comments
One of the things I learned early on in my career from my teachers and mentors in podiatric medicine is the importance of looking beyond the chief complaint when evaluating a patient’s feet. Read More.

Secrets To Navigating Hammertoe Surgery On The Fifth Toe

William Fishco DPM FACFAS
11/9/10 | 12299 reads | 3 comments
This blog is dedicated to the ultimate podiatry oxymoron: a simple hammertoe surgery of the fifth toe. When it comes to foot surgery, we all got our start working on toes. In school, we all learned the three etiologies of hammertoes: extensor substitution, flexor substitution and flexor stabilization. Based on those theories, we learned a surgical algorithm. Once we got into residency, we learned that nobody really used the "textbook" for making a decision on what to do surgically. Read More.

Will The FDA-Approved Ceftaroline Be Promoted To Podiatry?

Warren S. Joseph DPM FIDSA
11/8/10 | 4112 reads | 0 comments
As I expected and predicted in my previous blog, the FDA did not waste much time approving ceftaroline (Teflaro, Forest Laboratories) for complicated skin and skin structure infections (cSSSI). (See http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm231594.htm ). Read More.

Why A Sports Medicine Practice Is A Golden Opportunity

Doug Richie Jr. DPM FACFAS
11/5/10 | 3669 reads | 1 comments
Every day, I access a popular podiatric list serve and read numerous submissions from my colleagues who lament about their declining enthusiasm to continue practicing podiatric medicine. Many feel “helpless” as third party payors make regular cuts in reimbursement for services rendered. Others complain about the lack of ”parity” in training, scope of practice and acceptance in the community of podiatric physicians in comparison with our MD counterparts. Read More.

Recognizing And Treating Nail Trauma Caused By Ill-Fitting Shoes

Tracey Vlahovic DPM
11/3/10 | 7490 reads | 1 comments
When I think of Lady Gaga, besides the mental image of the “meat dress” and the like, I can’t help but ponder those incredible, unwearable feats of fashion engineering known as the “Armadillo” shoes by the late, great Alexander McQueen (see http://www.vogue.co.uk/blogs/the-vogue-blog/articles/091026-alexander-mc... ). Read More.

Online Shoe Shopping: Can It Be Beneficial For Patients?

Jenny L Sanders DPM
11/2/10 | 4313 reads | 0 comments
For many patients, online shoe shopping can be easier than going to a retail store. Two of my favorite sites are www.zappos.com and www.endless.com. I especially like these sites because they offer free shipping both ways, deliver the shoes within two days to one week and credit card reimbursements are easy and painless. Read More.

Can Practicing EBM Help Protect You From Malpractice Claims?

Kathleen Satterfield DPM FACFAOM
10/29/10 | 2951 reads | 2 comments
When a DPM is facing a jury preparing to decide his or her fate in a malpractice trial, the podiatrist would probably have paid a lot more attention to evidence-based medicine (EBM) protocols if the DPM had realized that the outcome of the trial would have depended on whether he or she had used EBM. Read More.

Rising Incidence Of PAD Should Spur Greater Diagnostic Vigilance And Multidisciplinary Cooperation

David G. Armstrong DPM MD PhD
10/26/10 | 3362 reads | 0 comments
Evidence continues to mount that the incidence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a devastating complication of diabetes. In the United States, PAD afflicts 2 million to 3.7 million people with diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), according to an analysis published by the Sage Group.1 The group adds that approximately 1 million patients with DFUs suffer from critical limb ischemia. Read More.

Can We Achieve The ‘Equality’ In Surgery That We Have Achieved In Wound Care And Diabetic Limb Salvage?

Allen Jacobs DPM FACFAS
10/21/10 | 3668 reads | 3 comments
In the last several months, I have had the opportunity to attend four major wound care conferences. Standing in the back of the room at the Diabetic Limb Salvage conference, world famous researchers and academicians Peter Sheehan, MD, and Andrew Boulton, MD, commented to me how wonderful this meeting and others such as the American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA) meeting had become in educating medical professionals on limb salvage. Read More.