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Twenty-Four Things You Should Know About Managing Your Practice Before I Die

Lynn Homisak PRT
6/5/14 | 1119 reads | 0 comments
Before we start, let me put this right out there. I have zero plans to leave this earth anytime soon. Read More.

Adding A Crest Pad To Custom Orthoses

Larry Huppin DPM
6/4/14 | 654 reads | 0 comments
A patient recently came in to pick up her orthotic devices. She has worn orthoses for years for several pathologies. However, what we are addressing now is pain secondary to digital contracture. She is starting to get more pain at the distal aspect of her toes secondary to hammertoes and pressure on the distal aspect of the digits. In the past, she has found that shoes that have a crest in them tend to work well for her. In particular, she has found that the crest in Birkenstock sandals helps keep her toes straight and decreases her symptoms. Read More.

When Standing Desk Workstations Cause Lower Extremity Pain

Jenny L Sanders DPM
6/2/14 | 654 reads | 0 comments
Standing desks have become increasingly popular in the workplace. Scientific studies have shown an increase in calorie expenditure when using a standing desk, which may be beneficial to weight loss.1-2 However, the musculoskeletal effects are less definitive.3 Read More.

What I Get Out Of Lecturing And What I Hope To Give Listeners

William Fishco DPM FACFAS
5/29/14 | 566 reads | 2 comments
I was recently lecturing at a podiatry meeting and a colleague asked me “Why do you lecture?” I looked at him and said, “That is a tough question and I really don’t know what to say.” So I have been thinking about that and I want to share with you my thoughts on that. Read More.

Keys To Addressing Compartment Syndrome

Jeffrey Bowman DPM MS
5/28/14 | 660 reads | 0 comments
When it comes to compartment syndrome, trauma is the most common cause. The most common traumatic cause is fracture but compartment syndrome can also occur with burns. The injury causes compartment syndrome due to increased swelling from fluid within the compartment.1,2 Overuse injuries in exercise can also factor into compartment syndrome but the incidence is miniscule in comparison to trauma. Read More.

Why Are Our DME Claims Being Audited By Medicare?

Doug Richie Jr. DPM FACFAS
5/27/14 | 1152 reads | 1 comments
Many of us who practice in Jurisdiction D have been audited by Noridian Healthcare Solutions for claims submitted for all types of DME devices including walking boots and custom ankle-foot orthoses. Last week, Noridian Healthcare Solutions released the results of its audit for Jurisdiction D (which covers 17 states including California, Arizona and Washington) for the first quarter of 2014 and the results are alarming.1 Read More.

Can You Diagnose This Condition?

Tracey Vlahovic DPM
5/21/14 | 1530 reads | 2 comments
What is your diagnosis of the condition shown in the photo on the left? Read More.

When Should You Refer Patients For Venous Ablation?

Alison J. Garten DPM
5/20/14 | 933 reads | 0 comments
I often have patients at the wound center who get referrals to me for care after a venous ablation procedure. I researched the procedure to explore what is involved and when we should be referring patients to a vein clinic or a vascular surgeon. Read More.

Are Hospital Denials On Requested Surgical Products Intruding Upon The Patient-Physician Relationship?

Patrick DeHeer DPM FACFAS
5/19/14 | 672 reads | 0 comments
Many physicians have long considered enemy #1 to be the almighty insurance company. Having insurance giants dictate patient care is often too much to take. While the insurance companies remain thorns in our sides, some of us are taking notice of another challenge on the horizon, equally repugnant in its intrusion of the patient-physician relationship. Read More.