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Addressing Misconceptions Of Patients On Tanning And Sunscreen

Tracey Vlahovic DPM
6/22/12 | 4081 reads | 0 comments
As summer officially begins this week, patients may need reminders about the importance of protecting their skin from sunburn, particularly oft-neglected areas such as the feet. I feel compelled to discuss the myths of tanning and sunscreen as outlined by Sandra Fryhofer, MD, on Medscape’s Medicine Matters.1 Two years ago, I discussed sunscreens more in depth (http://goo.gl/ufVhB ), but I would like to take this time to go through the most common misconceptions about sun exposure. Chances are, you probably hear these lines from your patients from time to time. Read More.

How Shoe Choices For Children Can Affect Foot Development

Nicholas A Campitelli DPM FACFAS
6/20/12 | 8938 reads | 5 comments
“I only buy the best shoes I can find.” “I paid $150 for these!” “All of the nurses and doctors wear this brand.” “I change my shoes every three months.” “I consulted with my local running shoe store before buying these.” “I know I have the right shoe for my arch.” Read More.

Supporting Our DPM Congressional Candidates: Just Do It

Patrick DeHeer DPM FACFAS
6/15/12 | 3331 reads | 5 comments
During this election year, podiatrists across the United States have an unprecedented opportunity to have representation in Congress. We must act now and change our paradigm from expecting others to do the heavy lifting for us. You must contribute to the campaigns of Lee Rogers, DPM, and Brad Wenstrup, DPM, today, not tomorrow. Read More.

Why Podiatry Needs Fellowships To Take Residents To The Next Level

Bradly Bussewitz DPM
6/14/12 | 6293 reads | 0 comments
The first stage in a young doctor’s career is medical school. I attended the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at Des Moines University and really enjoyed it. Read More.

Rethinking The Role Of The 5.07 Semmes-Weinstein Monofilament

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
6/12/12 | 5400 reads | 1 comments
As a deputized epidermal protector, I was overcome by sadness as I read the report from Ferreira and colleagues.1 How could this be? I had always believed in this sacred agent, this bodyguard of all bodyguards. Surely, the report must be mistaken. Could this be a rogue report? Read More.

Are Foot Massages The Demise Of The Podiatric Profession?

Lynn Homisak PRT
6/7/12 | 5521 reads | 1 comments
Apparently, a foot massage is a very touchy subject so I thought I would throw it out there for discussion. I recently posted on Facebook about my dental appointment. During this appointment, the staff offered a paraffin treatment for my hands and … a foot massage while they cleaned my teeth. As a patient, I was blown away by their customer service and quite frankly, it did just what good marketing is supposed to do. I told 10 people who told 10 people, etc. Read More.

When Excising Diseased Peroneus Longus Tendon May Make More Sense Than Tendon Reconstruction

William Fishco DPM FACFAS
6/6/12 | 7726 reads | 0 comments
Peroneal tendon disorders are fairly common after ankle inversion injuries or in patients who have chronic wear and tear associated with the pes cavus foot type. Peroneus brevis tendon partial tears and tendinosis seem to be more prevalent than peroneus longus tendon disorders. I want to dedicate this blog to a simple yet effective surgery for severe tendinosis and/or complete rupture of the peroneus longus tendon. Read More.

Skin Grafts Or Skin Substitutes: What Is Your Preference?

6/1/12 | 4486 reads | 0 comments
Over the past decade, we have witnessed the emergence of several technological advances that have had a direct impact on healing wounds that previously would have resulted in amputation or even death. Three areas in which we have seen the greatest impact in wound healing in the past decade have been in the realms of negative pressure wound therapy, endovascular procedures and skin substitutes. Read More.

Can A Shoe Lift Ease Back Pain From CAM Walkers?

Jenny L Sanders DPM
5/31/12 | 4252 reads | 2 comments
Low back pain represents 2.3 percent of all physician visits and about one-fourth of U.S. adults reported having low back pain in the past three months.1 Podiatrists routinely immobilize their patients with controlled ankle motion (CAM) walkers. These walkers inevitably contribute to limb length inequality, resulting in low back pain. Even Up™ is a patented shoe lift device that minimizes back strain due to cast immobilization. One can easily apply Even Up externally to a shoe and the device can accommodate a wide variety of shoes. Read More.