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Reaching Out To The Public To Save A Leg, Save A Life

Warren S. Joseph DPM FIDSA
7/20/12 | 2300 reads | 0 comments
On July 15, I had the pleasure of participating in a radio interview on WOKV in Jacksonville, Fla., the largest talk radio station in northern Florida. Here is the link to the audiostream: http://wokv.media.streamtheworld.com/audio/save_leg_save_101730761.mp3 . Read More.

Getting What You Deserve After Residency Graduation

Patrick DeHeer DPM FACFAS
7/18/12 | 3672 reads | 0 comments
This July, podiatric residency graduates are transitioning from comfort and protection into the world of student loans, angry patients, indifferent staff, long hours, mountains of paperwork, unjust malpractice laws, malicious malpractice attorneys and insatiable insurance companies. I wish to offer them a collective piece of advice: Do not listen to the naysayers. Read More.

Proactive Practice Growth Tips To Get The Patients You Want To Treat

Bradly Bussewitz DPM
7/13/12 | 3462 reads | 1 comments
I’m not done. That is to say, I’m not writing this implying that I have a thriving practice and my patient recruitment is complete. My intent is to share my methods and experience in my first 10 months of practice. For those just getting started, those looking to increase patient traffic or those making a practice move, the following may help. Read More.

Are You Feeding The Cycle Of Success?

Lynn Homisak PRT
7/11/12 | 2881 reads | 0 comments
Have you ever felt like you were in a rut or stuck in a hole? If you have, then you know how quickly this feeling of helplessness feeds negativity, which in turn feeds complaining and pessimism until you find yourself so stuck that you have actually talked yourself into staying there because it is too much effort to climb out. This is typical of a downward negative cycle. Read More.

Slicing A Patient's Complaints Down One Layer At A Time

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
7/10/12 | 3145 reads | 5 comments
The “onion” is more common than rare and every practice is filled with them. Onions are easy to identify most of the time as Ms. Tuber, our fictitious representative of the onion phyla, always presents with a list of multiple complaints. (By definition, a patient can still be an onion with only one chief complaint. We will get to that later.) Read More.

A Closer Look At A New Custom Sandal Program

Jenny L Sanders DPM
7/3/12 | 4838 reads | 0 comments
Chaco recently sent out a press release regarding its custom sandal program launch. Nike was a pioneer in the field of footwear customization with NIKEiD (see http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/?l=shop,nikeid ) and now Chaco gives customers that same ability with sandal customization. Read More.

Can Staple Fixation Be Effective For Lisfranc’s Fracture Dislocations?

William Fishco DPM FACFAS
7/2/12 | 4588 reads | 0 comments
Most foot fractures heal well and have minimal long-term sequelae. Intra-articular calcaneal fractures and Lisfranc’s fracture dislocations, however, typically have poor long-term outcomes even with open reduction internal fixation. I want to share with you my thoughts on the Lisfranc fracture. Read More.

What I Have Learned In My First Decade Of Practice

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
6/28/12 | 2775 reads | 0 comments
Ten years seems like such a long time when you’re growing up. When you’re a kid, you look at people 10 years older than you and you think to yourself, “Jeez, they are old.” As we get older time seems to speed up, too. You get married, have kids, get busy in practice and every day is just a flash. Next thing you know time doesn’t just seem to speed up, it becomes a blur. Read More.

Key Considerations With Digital Amputations And Biomechanics

6/26/12 | 3113 reads | 0 comments
“By God, sir. I will not abide another toe!” — The Big Lebowski to the Dude If you are a fan of the Coen brothers’ cult comedy classic, The Big Lebowski, you already know that the loss of a toe is central to the plot of the story. If you haven't seen the film once, I will not play the spoiler. For the rest of us who have watched the movie at least five or 10 times, grab yourself a Sioux City Sarsaparilla and read on. Read More.