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My Surgical Tips And Pearls For Residents

William Fishco DPM FACFAS
9/6/12 | 4105 reads | 0 comments
In this blog, I want to share with you surgical tips and pearls that I regularly teach my residents. Read More.

Recommending Shoes To Patients Who Insist On Minimalist Running

Jenny L Sanders DPM
8/31/12 | 4300 reads | 0 comments
Let me first say that I am not a fan of minimalist running for the majority of my patients. Having said that, “just don’t do it” is not an acceptable directive to patients who are going to run in minimalist shoes in spite of what I recommend. Due to this, I have reluctantly learned to evaluate minimalist running shoes. Not surprisingly, the best way to do this utilizes some of the same principles used when evaluating non-minimalist styles. Read More.

PAD Awareness Month And The Case For Limb Preservation

8/30/12 | 3591 reads | 0 comments
Unlike October, which is abundant with the color pink and matching ribbons symbolizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month wherever we turn, we have no such ribbon for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Awareness Month. In my travels over the past few years, I have noted several instances that illustrate a lack of PAD awareness and understanding among providers and the general population. Read More.

Why We Need To Be More Judicious With Diagnostic Testing

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
8/29/12 | 2203 reads | 0 comments
As an extension of last month's magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) blog, I had an interesting case in our local hospital, which I wanted to share with the readership. This is about a female who presented to the emergency room with a toe ulcer and the roundabout way we were able to “save” her toe. Read More.

Emphasizing The Study Of Human Motion To Improve Patient Outcomes

David G. Armstrong DPM MD PhD
8/24/12 | 2602 reads | 0 comments
We are pleased to announce the formation of the Interdisciplinary Consortium on Advanced Motion Performance (iCAMP) at the University of Arizona. This consortium will be lead by Bijan Najafi, PhD, a biomedical engineer and renowned expert on human motion. Comprised of teams from podiatric and vascular surgery, orthopedics, nursing, geriatrics, anthropology and engineering, iCAMP researchers will be studying physical activity patterns, gait parameters and three-dimensional joint structures through high-tech sensors that are embedded in shirts, socks, straps and patches worn by patients. Read More.

What The Recent Literature Reveals About Antibiotic Use And Multi-Drug Resistant Gram Negative Rods

Warren S. Joseph DPM FIDSA
8/22/12 | 2525 reads | 0 comments
I confess that I have been a bit lackadaisical in my scanning through the journals I receive each month. This point hit home the other day when I went to find room on my desk to put some work and realized it was totally covered with stacks of journal back issues I had put aside with all good intentions to eventually read through. It was time to start clearing my desk with the side benefit of realizing I could probably come up with some interesting articles to blog about. Well, I did. In fact, I think I have enough for a few upcoming posts. Read More.

Can An Adjunctive Akin Give You That Perfection You Are Looking For In Bunion Surgeries?

Patrick DeHeer DPM FACFAS
8/17/12 | 3057 reads | 0 comments
There are some procedures that unfairly get a “bad” reputation. This is usually due to overuse or prior misuse. The Akin procedure is one such procedure and many have used the term “cheater Akin.” This is a case in which a practitioner incorrectly uses the procedure for bunion correction. This procedure is designed for correcting the hallux interphalangeus deformity only, not any deformity proximal to the metatarsophalangeal joint. Read More.

Questioning Our Reliance On Motion Control Running Shoes

Nicholas A Campitelli DPM FACFAS
8/16/12 | 5107 reads | 3 comments
I recently lectured at the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine on New Paradigms in Endurance Sport. It was an honor to be in the presence of one of the greatest educators on running, Mark Cucuzzella, MD, a nationally known lecturer and instructor on running form as well as a two-time winner of the Air Force Marathon. Read More.

When To Change Your Surgical Hardware

Bradly Bussewitz DPM
8/13/12 | 3291 reads | 0 comments
We all have our favorite equipment for use during surgery and most of us probably use what we learned with during training with some variation. Do you ever question what is out there? Have you ever noticed your hardware is failing? Have you had screws or plates break, or do you routinely deal with non-unions? Do you ever struggle with plate sizing options or plate or screw profile? When do you decide to make a change? How do you make a change? How do you become comfortable with the new system? Read More.