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Exploring New Technologies For Healing Wounds And Diabetic Foot Ulcers

David G. Armstrong DPM MD PhD
9/20/13 | 4556 reads | 0 comments
At the University of Arizona Medical Center, we are recruiting patients for two studies, among many others, that may have the potential to lead to improved healing of wounds and diabetic foot ulcers. The first study involves a spray-on skin solution. The technology works in a similar way to bioengineered tissues. The big difference is that because it has a spray-on quality, the skin solution can go over a larger surface area and perhaps the contact with wounds and delivery may be better than previous iterations. Read More.

Utilizing Semi-Custom Orthotics For Neuromas

Nicholas A Campitelli DPM FACFAS
9/19/13 | 4726 reads | 6 comments
Too often, physicians prescribe custom fabricated orthoses to treat a forefoot issue when they can address the problem through the use of a semi-custom orthotic. Do we need to cast, mold and scan the foot, et cetera, to produce a custom rearfoot shell, which we can attach to the forefoot device? Do we need to control the rearfoot to help the forefoot pathology? The debatable answer is that it depends on the pathology. Read More.

Reignite Staff Commitment To Bring In New Patients

Patrick DeHeer DPM FACFAS
9/18/13 | 4343 reads | 1 comments
You are losing money every month. New patients who could become part of your practice are slipping through the cracks simply because your staff is not fully engaged. New patients are the lifeblood to any practice. Without a steady stream of new patients, a practice will wither and die. There is a very simple test you can use with your staff to compare your new patient ceiling to your current monthly new patient average. This is called the check test. Read More.

Pertinent Insights On Arthroscopic Ankle Synovectomy And OCD Drilling

Bradly Bussewitz DPM
9/13/13 | 4303 reads | 0 comments
Ankle arthroscopy is a valuable minimally invasive modality to perform diagnosis and therapeutic treatment to the ankle joint. Acute and chronic ankle injuries can lead to synovitis and cartilage defects requiring surgical treatment. There are some general approaches that can be useful to the surgeon who has not become completely comfortable maximizing his or her arthroscopy skills. Read More.

Are You On Board With High-Resolution Diagnostic Ultrasound?

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
9/12/13 | 8592 reads | 0 comments
The dawn of Man, as illustrated by the genius film director Stanley Kubrick in his 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, shows a tribal ape picking up a large animal femur from a bony carcass and staring at it inquisitively. Almost serendipitously, the primate smashes the bone to the ground, pulverizing the remainder of the animal skeleton. With the shrapnel of bony particles exploding in every direction, it suddenly occurs to the ape that he has discovered a very powerful tool: the club. Read More.

Clearing The Path To Better Doctor-Staff Communication

Lynn Homisak PRT
9/11/13 | 4119 reads | 2 comments
My husband visited his chiropractor last week and relayed his interesting, yet not uncommon, experience. Read More.

A Straightforward Guide To The Lapidus Bunionectomy

William Fishco DPM FACFAS
9/6/13 | 6335 reads | 2 comments
The popularity of the Lapidus bunionectomy seems to ebb and flow over the years. When we compare the Lapidus to other bunionectomy procedures, such as an Austin or similar distal metaphyseal osteotomies, there seems to be more reasons not to do a Lapidus. Read More.

How Shoe Stretchers Can Help Your Patients Get A Perfect Fit

Jenny L Sanders DPM
9/5/13 | 6788 reads | 0 comments
Just like clothes, few shoes fit perfectly "off the rack." Most need some tailoring to fit. Do your patients have bunions, hammertoes or other deformities that make shoes difficult to fit? If so, a shoe stretcher can help. Patients will often pay to have a single pair of shoes stretched, but you can teach them how to stretch all of their tight fitting shoes at home easily, safely and for a lot less money. Read More.

Can Diagnostic Ultrasound Be Useful In The Right Hands?

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
9/4/13 | 4041 reads | 0 comments
My colleagues confound and confuse me at times. I was very fortunate that in my residency, I had significant exposure to the benefits of offering diagnostic ultrasound as a modality in my future practice. I learned (along with my attendings because this was "new" at the time), what to look for and how to make out all those shades of gray you see when evaluating an image on the screen. Luckily, we were also sending our images to a radiologist who was always open to have us call him and ask about the results, and teach us how to “see” what was there. Read More.