A Closer Look At Surgical Solutions For Metatarsalgia

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Metatarsalgia is a common condition that we see on a regular basis. Pain under the second metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) is the most common area of pain. When performing a physical examination, it is critical to rule out other less common causes of pain such as neuromas, stress fractures, arthritic conditions of the MPJ, and skin conditions such as warts, calluses and porokeratoses.


Managing Tarsometatarsal Joint Arthritis In Older Patients

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Arthritis of the second and third tarsometatarsal joints can be a challenging condition to manage. Clinically, patients present with pain, stiffness and swelling located at the dorsal midfoot. Many patients also have a painful lump on the top of the foot, which makes it difficult to wear a closed shoe.


When Charcot Arises After Surgery

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Charcot arthropathy is a devastating condition of the foot and ankle that causes severe instability and resultant deformity. Any patient who has peripheral neuropathy, regardless of the etiology, is susceptible to this condition.


How To Assess And Treat The Cavus Foot

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What To Do With Those Patients Who Weigh On Your Mind

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Those of you who follow my blogs know that I usually write on an educational topic, typically surgery. This time, I think I will lament about some of the stresses and difficulties of our job.


Current Concepts In Addressing Plantar Heel Pain

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In my blog last month (http://tinyurl.com/bd5ucac ), I reviewed the common disorders of the posterior heel and Achilles tendon. Since we are in the neighborhood, so to speak, l will give you my cheat sheet for addressing pain syndromes of the plantar heel.

I am sure we can all agree that plantar heel pain is the most common orthopedic complaint of patients who seek our advice and treatment. It is such a common disorder that most of these patients tell us that they have plantar fasciitis before we even touch them. The odds are that they are correct.


How To Ensure A More Accurate Diagnosis Of Achilles Tendon Disorders

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Patients commonly complain about pain in the region of their Achilles tendon. Through a careful examination and patient history, one may diagnose more than one condition that can be inter-related. Rather than simply diagnosing the problem as an “Achilles tendinitis” or a “heel spur,” practitioners can provide a more accurate diagnosis and ultimately an appropriate treatment protocol through a more straightforward examination.


Why The Panmetatarsal Head Resection Can Be A Useful ‘Last-Resort’ Procedure

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The panmetatarsal head resection and triple arthrodesis are the ultimate reconstructive surgeries for the hindfoot and forefoot respectively. Often, we think of the panmetatarsal head resection only for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. I have found the procedure to be very useful in many other scenarios.


Diagnosing And Treating Gout In An Unlikely Patient

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A 35-year-old woman presented to my office with the chief complaint of a large growth on the dorsolateral left foot. She denied any prior treatment for it. She could not wear a closed-in shoe due to pain and irritation to the mass. Her shoe gear was limited to flip-flops. She denied any injury to the foot. The mass had been growing slowly for five years or more. She denied any fluctuations in the size of the mass over time. She also related that she had a growth on her right pinky finger.


My Surgical Tips And Pearls For Residents

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In this blog, I want to share with you surgical tips and pearls that I regularly teach my residents.