Negotiating The Biomechanics Of Equinus

Russell Volpe DPM
5/27/11 | 4383 reads | 0 comments
As someone who teaches and writes a great deal about biomechanics, orthopedic and pediatric podiatric medicine, I often discuss equinus influences as among the most destructive on the foot in gait. This critical sagittal plane pathology can occur at any age and comes in congenital and acquired forms. As bipedal locomotion is essentially a sagittal plane event as we move the body forward on a horizontal surface, limitations in sagittal plane motion can lead to destructive compensations that ultimately precipitate pathology. Read More.

Emphasizing Proper Shoe Fit And Better Shoe Choices For Children

Russell Volpe DPM
4/14/11 | 3320 reads | 1 comments
One of the most common questions I get from parents is, “What is the right shoe for my child?” I have different answers to this question based upon the age of the child and the activity for which the child will be using the shoe. Read More.

How The Profession Can Combat The Epidemic of Overweight Children

Russell Volpe DPM
2/22/11 | 3088 reads | 0 comments
The ongoing debate over when it is appropriate to treat a child with asymptomatic pes planovalgus rages on. It will be the topic of what promises to be an interesting and spirited forum at the upcoming Midwest Podiatry Conference in early March. Read More.

What We Can Learn From International Practices Of Podiatry

Russell Volpe DPM
12/23/10 | 3602 reads | 1 comments
It is easy for practitioners in the United States to think that podiatric medicine is primarily an American profession. It would be provincial and wrong to think that. Countries all over the world have branches of the profession of podiatry and it can be fascinating to take a look at how other healthcare systems far and wide deliver foot care. Read More.

Looking Beyond The Patient’s Chief Complaint

Russell Volpe DPM
11/11/10 | 3405 reads | 0 comments
One of the things I learned early on in my career from my teachers and mentors in podiatric medicine is the importance of looking beyond the chief complaint when evaluating a patient’s feet. Read More.

Doing Our Part To Promote Podiatric Medicine As A Dynamic Career Option

Russell Volpe DPM
9/24/10 | 2519 reads | 0 comments
This month, as the members of the class of 2014 begin their education at medical schools, it seems like a good time to reflect on where the future podiatric medical student will come from. More importantly, what can we do as podiatrists to help ensure that our future colleagues include the best and the brightest our profession deserves? Read More.

Understanding Body Planes: Why It Is Critical In Understanding Patient Pathology And Symptomatic Compensation

Russell Volpe DPM
7/19/10 | 4526 reads | 1 comments
I learned early in my training from my teachers and mentors that understanding body planes in lower extremity biomechanics is a key to getting good results. The influences on the foot from the superstructure in the transverse, frontal and sagittal planes are instrumental in causing compensation in the foot, often leading to symptoms. We often focus on foot pathology in isolation and, in doing so, fail to recognize the major contribution of superstructural influences on foot position and function. Read More.

Why It Pays To Ask Patients, ‘Do You Have Any Questions?’

Russell Volpe DPM
6/22/10 | 2816 reads | 1 comments
I often have to explain complicated medical situations to my patients. I try to schedule my patients to allow enough time for these explanations and the opportunity for some give and take with them. I find patients are often grateful that a doctor has taken time to see they understand why something has happened, what factors have contributed to it and the reasons they find themselves with the symptom, problem or condition. Read More.

Spreading The Word About The Value Of Podopediatrics

Russell Volpe DPM
5/12/10 | 3459 reads | 0 comments
As podiatrists, we tend to think of ourselves as generalists who treat all kinds of foot ailments. We also tend to think of ourselves as specialists who have dedicated and focused expertise in the diseases of the foot. Read More.