What You Missed At The Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons (AENS) Meeting

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
11/19/10 | 3885 reads | 0 comments
I recently had a great dinner in Fort Worth, Texas with 20 individuals, most of whom hold an extreme passion for lower extremity peripheral nerve surgery. There were also a few whose “seed for nerve passion” was just planted. It is always great to have a mix of weathered peripheral nerve veterans with excited neophytes because they ask fresh questions. Read More.

Reconsidering Foreign Advances In Minimally Invasive Surgery

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
10/8/10 | 4854 reads | 3 comments
I recently returned from nearly three weeks of travel, study and surgical observation in Europe. The trip began with an opportunity to participate in the European Foot and Ankle Society Biennial Congress in Geneva, Switzerland. This was followed by additional meetings in Austria to visit with orthopedic surgeons and three days of surgery in Barcelona, Spain. Read More.

Overcoming Podiatric Dogma On Neuromas And Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
9/13/10 | 41765 reads | 1 comments
Unfortunately, there is still a widespread reluctance to accept the undeniable truth that a “Morton’s neuroma” is nothing more than a peripheral nerve entrapment. However, I think there is more of a universal acceptance that when you cut out a Morton’s entrapment, the patient will end up with a recurrent Morton’s neuroma.1,2 Read More.

A Closer Look At Emerging ‘Gadgets’ That May Help Reduce Post-Op Pain And Edema

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
8/3/10 | 4220 reads | 3 comments
I love gadgets. Admittedly, with most of them, I can only achieve about 10 percent functionality after my struggling ascent up the learning curve after purchasing them. However, I do love to buy them. Gadgets are opiates for some. Read More.

Emphasizing The Value Of Redundancy In Podiatric Surgery

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
7/22/10 | 2360 reads | 1 comments
Redundancy is great in almost every discipline and profession. Perhaps the only time it is probably not good is in the domestic arena. For example, you may be engrossed by the important playoff game on your large flat panel HD screen and your spouse keeps reminding/asking you to do something that you really do not want to do — in fact you can’t — because you are hypnotized. Read More.

Can A Preflight Checklist Facilitate Smoother Surgeries And Better Outcomes?

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
6/16/10 | 2496 reads | 2 comments
As I was cruising to my office one morning at 9,500 feet above sea level, overflying the spectacular red rocks of Sedona, Ariz., an epiphany occurred for this month’s blog. The air was glassy smooth, virtually no traffic was on the radios and my usually quirky autopilot was functioning to perfection. This gave me time to reflect on my surgeries from the previous day. Read More.

Proposing A Mathematical Equation For Surgical Outcomes

Stephen Barrett DPM FACFAS
5/19/10 | 2968 reads | 1 comments
I recently read a great book called Super Crunchers, which illustrates the power of information technology. The book was written by Ian Ayres, an econometrician and professor at Yale Law School. He notes that from the analysis of huge amounts of data, really cool stuff can happen. One can make predictions that outperform the knowledge of “experts.” These predictions range from what is going to be a great Bordeaux red to what Hollywood films are going to break the box office records. Read More.