A Key Resource For Recycling Running Shoes

Jenny L Sanders DPM
12/27/12 | 4378 reads | 0 comments
If you have patients with running shoes beyond their prime, you can refer them to the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program at www.nikereuseashoe.com/ . More than two decades ago, Nike began looking for a way to reduce the company's environmental footprint as well as the amount of shoes that ended up in landfills. Nike first started by collecting athletic shoes at key retail locations and shortly thereafter teamed up with other recycling centers to establish shoe collections in communities across the country.  Read More.

Modifying Shoe Lacing For Heel Slippage, Dorsal Exostosis And Bunions

Jenny L Sanders DPM
11/5/12 | 6306 reads | 0 comments
Modified shoe lacing can help with a variety of foot problems that tight fitting shoes make worse. One of my favorite “how-to” shoe lacing sites is Ian’s Shoelace site http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/ . I have three common lacing modifications that I recommend to patients. Lock lacing for heel slippage secures ankle fit and prevents heel slip. Offset lacing for the top of a foot bump prevents numbness, relieves pressure and prevents irritation. Finally, increasing forefoot width lacing can relieve pressure on bunions. Read More.

Prescribing An Orthotic That Offers Maximum Support And Minimal Bulk

Jenny L Sanders DPM
10/3/12 | 3626 reads | 0 comments
When you have a patient who is not going to wear a running shoe and you need an orthosis with maximum support and minimal bulk, what do you do? A lower profile orthoses incorporating the following key features works every time (see the photo at left). Read More.

Recommending Shoes To Patients Who Insist On Minimalist Running

Jenny L Sanders DPM
8/31/12 | 4339 reads | 0 comments
Let me first say that I am not a fan of minimalist running for the majority of my patients. Having said that, “just don’t do it” is not an acceptable directive to patients who are going to run in minimalist shoes in spite of what I recommend. Due to this, I have reluctantly learned to evaluate minimalist running shoes. Not surprisingly, the best way to do this utilizes some of the same principles used when evaluating non-minimalist styles. Read More.

How to Make A Sesamoid Pad

Jenny L Sanders DPM
8/3/12 | 14220 reads | 0 comments
Sesamoiditis can be a challenge for the physician and patient alike. A simple way to alleviate sesamoiditis is to fabricate an offloading sesamoid pad and attach it to the underside of your patient’s sock liner or shoe insole. In just a few minutes’ time, you can fabricate a sesamoid pad and provide relief for this annoying, painful condition. We use these pads on a daily basis and it is nothing short of revolutionary. Read More.

A Closer Look At A New Custom Sandal Program

Jenny L Sanders DPM
7/3/12 | 4819 reads | 0 comments
Chaco recently sent out a press release regarding its custom sandal program launch. Nike was a pioneer in the field of footwear customization with NIKEiD (see http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/?l=shop,nikeid ) and now Chaco gives customers that same ability with sandal customization. Read More.

Can A Shoe Lift Ease Back Pain From CAM Walkers?

Jenny L Sanders DPM
5/31/12 | 4244 reads | 2 comments
Low back pain represents 2.3 percent of all physician visits and about one-fourth of U.S. adults reported having low back pain in the past three months.1 Podiatrists routinely immobilize their patients with controlled ankle motion (CAM) walkers. These walkers inevitably contribute to limb length inequality, resulting in low back pain. Even Up™ is a patented shoe lift device that minimizes back strain due to cast immobilization. One can easily apply Even Up externally to a shoe and the device can accommodate a wide variety of shoes. Read More.

Educating Patients On The Three-Point Approach To Testing Running Shoes

Jenny L Sanders DPM
5/7/12 | 4095 reads | 0 comments
Patients frequently ask for guidance in choosing an appropriate running shoe. In the 1990s, Mark Reeves, DPM, of the Virginia Mason Sports Medicine Clinic in Seattle, created the three-point approach to testing running shoes. Read More.

Comparing Soccer Cleat Widths To Help Ensure An Ideal Fit

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3/28/12 | 7578 reads | 0 comments
Soccer cleat sizes do not indicate widths, and this can make it difficult to obtain a good fit. Since many medium width cleats will run either wide or narrow, you can use a side-by-side comparison to identify volume differences among different pairs of shoes. Read More.