Do Botulinum Injections Help Or Hinder The Effect Of Serial Casting?

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
10/11/11 | 4594 reads | 0 comments
I am a forum junkie. If there is a forum about something I am interested in, then I am there. I participate in forums for my remote-controlled vehicle addiction, for my new cycling addiction, for the eagerly anticipated massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) “The Old Republic” and, of course, for various topics in podiatry. I am more of a spectator with professional forums. I prefer to read and learn from others rather than participate in these forums. Read More.

Addressing Subsequent Gait Issues In A Child Who Had An Intracranial Ventricular Shunt And Hydrocephalus In Utero

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
9/7/11 | 3546 reads | 0 comments
As I mentioned in an earlier blog (see ), I recently visited family in Canada and, of course, served as a personal podiatric physician to my parents’ and in-laws’ relatives, friends and neighbors. As our family knows, my big interest lies in pediatric foot and ankle deformities. With this in mind, my mother-in-law asked me to meet with a next-door neighbor‘s child, whom she described as “interesting.” For once (wink wink), my mother-in-law was right.   Read More.

Do We Shortchange Simple Clinical Solutions In Residency Programs?

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
8/11/11 | 2920 reads | 3 comments
A topic that has been recurring in residency program circles and in practice rears its head even now. That topic revolves around our advancing techniques and technologies, and how we approach podiatric surgery. Read More.

Fundamentals On Podopediatrics: A Sorely Underserved Need In Podiatric Education

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
7/20/11 | 5559 reads | 0 comments
My life has been kind of crazy lately. I left an area where I had been practicing for almost 10 years in order to move to a new area and a new practice that offered me the opportunity of a lifetime. Read More.

Raising Questions On Training And Double Standards For Hospital Privileges

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
5/11/11 | 3077 reads | 3 comments
The controversy rages on. Patrick DeHeer, DPM, reminded us of this in his recent blog, “An Open Letter To Foot And Ankle Orthopedic Surgeons,” in which he discusses how we need to take charge of the constant uphill battle we are faced with when dealing with our orthopedic colleagues (see ). Even though we have made great strides in our exposure and training, there are still questions as to our expertise.   Read More.

How To Avoid Pitfalls When Correcting A Contralateral Underlapping Toe

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
3/25/11 | 3398 reads | 0 comments
One of my first blogs, over a year ago, discussed treatment of a pediatric underlapping toe (see ). Since then, I have operated on the patient’s contralateral toe and I thought it would be nice to provide a follow-up of how things went for this young patient. Read More.

When Casting And Manipulation Are Not Options For Metatarsus Adductus

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
2/28/11 | 4332 reads | 0 comments
What is the next step when you see a patient with metatarsus adductus who is clearly not a candidate for casting or manipulation? Is the patient not a candidate because of age or activity level? Certainly, it is very difficult to cast a 3- or 4-year-old who is running at full tilt all day and there is a high likelihood that he or she will not respond to casting. Is surgery indicated at this point? Read More.

How Concerned Should You Be About Public Perception Of Your Practice?

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
1/31/11 | 3601 reads | 2 comments
I wanted to take a break from my metatarsus adductus series and talk about something that has been coming up more and more with my colleagues both locally and nationwide. This topic has been on my mind for some time but Dr. DeHeer’s recent Medicaid blog (see ) really brought this to the front of my mind. Read More.

What You Should Know About Casting For Metatarsus Adductus In Pediatric Patients

Ron Raducanu DPM FACFAS
12/29/10 | 5243 reads | 1 comments
In last month’s blog (see ), I discussed the identification of metatarsus adductus in the pediatric patient. Early identification and intervention is crucial in preventing the potential long-term sequela of a debilitating foot deformity. Ideally, identifying this condition pre-ambulation would help in establishing a treatment protocol which the patient would best respond to and, more importantly, help him or her to develop normally. Read More.