Why Refining Our Podiatric Skills Is A Lifelong Process

Bryan Markinson DPM FASPD
5/13/11 | 3501 reads | 0 comments
“Not perfection as a final goal but the ever enduring process of perfecting, maturing, refining is the aim of living.” — John Dewey For the past several years, I have traveled all over the country for the predominant purpose of sharing with colleagues the essentials of podiatric dermatology, incorporating dermatology into your practice, the how and why of biopsy procedures, and risk management associated with what is for many a new dimension of practice. This has been in the form of straight lectures as well as “hands-on” pig feet workshops. Read More.

What Is Our Best Defense On Biopsy Timing For Potential Melanomas?

Bryan Markinson DPM FASPD
10/7/10 | 2859 reads | 2 comments
This blog is intended as a preview to a project I would like to develop regarding the defense of allegations of delayed diagnosis of melanoma and, more importantly, the argument that any delay results in a worse prognosis. All of us have been taught, and I certainly have been teaching, that early diagnosis of melanoma, especially when confined to its in-situ stage, dramatically increases the chance of a cure. Read More.

Are We Compelled To Treat Warts?

Bryan Markinson DPM FASPD
3/31/10 | 6709 reads | 7 comments
Every practicing DPM understands the enigmatic and unpredictable nature of warts and wart treatment. Frustration is not uncommon on the part of patients and clinicians. As time goes on, we try more and more treatments, and those treatments join the ever-growing pile of “mediocre” treatments. It can be puzzling when one treatment we use clears one patient in a few weeks yet has no effect on another patient. In discussions with colleagues, it is also not uncommon to hear claims of favorite treatments that work “most of the time.” Read More.