How To Accommodate For Prominent Styloids

Larry Huppin DPM
4/4/13 | 3373 reads | 0 comments
I recently saw a patient for whom I dispensed a new pair of orthotic devices. This patient had a prominent styloid process. When considering an orthosis for a patient with a prominent styloid process, you have to determine where the styloid needs accommodation. To make this decision, you must first determine whether the styloid is prominent laterally, plantarly or both. Lateral and plantar styloid prominences require different accommodation. Read More.

Do Podiatrists Use First Ray Cutouts Too Much?

Larry Huppin DPM
3/6/13 | 3964 reads | 1 comments
The first metatarsal cutout or first ray cutout is a common orthotic modification clinicians use to allow the first ray to plantarflex in order to treat functional hallux limitus. I think it should be noted, however, that if a practitioner takes extremely good negative cast, writes an appropriate prescription, uses an orthotic lab and does not overfill the medial arch, the first ray cutout should rarely be necessary. Read More.

Why Wider Orthotics Tend To Be More Comfortable

Larry Huppin DPM
2/6/13 | 2845 reads | 0 comments
I had a patient come in recently for dispensing of new orthotic devices. He had worn orthoses for years and was starting to get a return of his plantar fasciitis symptoms. Another podiatrist provided the previous orthoses. Read More.

When A Patient Says An Orthotic Feels ‘Too Far Forward’ In The Shoe

Larry Huppin DPM
1/4/13 | 2938 reads | 0 comments
One of the more common issues that patients might complain of when first wearing a new orthosis is that one or both orthoses may feel like they are “too far forward” in the shoe. The patient may even complain that he or she feels like the orthotic does not match his or her foot well. However, when you compare the orthosis to the foot, you will likely find that, as long as you took a good negative cast and use a lab with high standards for castwork, the orthosis matches the foot very well. Read More.

Why I Always Prescribe Full-Width Foot Orthotics For Overweight Patients

Larry Huppin DPM
12/4/12 | 2813 reads | 2 comments
I just saw a prescription come into ProLab Orthotics from a new client. The doctor noted on the prescription form that the patient had plantar fasciitis and weighed 280 pounds. Her prescription was for a Featherweight orthosis (a functional orthoses made from medium density EVA). She also ordered a standard cast fill and a standard width. Read More.