Is Botox An Alternative To Corticosteroids For Plantar Fasciitis?

Jeffrey Bowman DPM MS
2/22/13 | 4103 reads | 0 comments
This has not been a good year for steroids. For the last few weeks, the big news in sports has been the controversial use of deer antler spray, a synthesized performance enhancing drug that athletes spray under the tongue. This comes just weeks after Lance Armstrong admitted to blood doping during his seven-year reign as Tour de France champion. What happened to good old-fashioned steroids? Anabolic steroids have taken a back seat to new idiotic ways to juice up. Read More.

Ankle Arthritis: To Fuse Or Not To Fuse?

Jeffrey Bowman DPM MS
1/23/13 | 4040 reads | 0 comments
Given that our current political leaders cannot seem to agree on much, let us look at what has divided podiatry into two parties: the “Fusion” party and the “Replacement” party. Today, a debate exists whether to fuse or replace an ankle joint. Both procedures are indicated for arthritis that occurs from normal joint degeneration, a traumatic event or inflammatory arthritis. Read More.

Pertinent Insights On The Evolution Of The Ankle Arthroscopy

Jeffrey Bowman DPM MS
12/28/12 | 3763 reads | 0 comments
Arthroscopy in the ankle began in the 1920s with limited visualization. Initially, practitioners used 4.0 mm scopes until Takagi developed a 2.7 mm scope and implemented distraction techniques.1 Today, a 2.5 mm scope, distraction techniques and irrigation systems improve the ease and efficacy of ankle joint arthroscopy. Indications for ankle arthroscopy include diagnostic evaluation, synovitis, capsulitis, tibial/talar exostosis, ankle arthritis or osteochondral defects/fragments. Read More.

Keys To Diagnosing And Treating Achilles Tendon Ruptures

Jeffrey Bowman DPM MS
11/21/12 | 4284 reads | 0 comments
At his muscled peak playing the Greek God Achilles in the film Troy, Brad Pitt suffered the same doom as the hero he portrayed. Pitt reportedly tore his Achilles tendon during filming, resulting in a significant delay in filming. In the classic story, Achilles' mother Thetis dipped Achilles in the river Styx by his heel, making him invincible except for the small area that was not submerged. The Trojan prince Paris ended up killing Achilles with an arrow. The arrow struck the only vulnerable area on his body. From this epic tale, we have the Achilles tendon. Read More.